Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Fraudulent and Deceptive How-to Manuals for Employment Opportunities

For over ten years one company has run ads offering employment in both the Alaskan fishing and cruise ship industries.

These ads appear in the "Help Wanted" sections of college newspapers and national publications such as Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly magazines. They are also printed on postcards that they package and mail to college bookstores for insertion into students’ book bags with their purchases and on flyers that are posted on college bulletin boards across the country.

The ads for cruise ship employment promise you that you can earn $2000, or more, each month working on cruise ships or for land tour companies that are currently hiring.

GET A CRUISE JOB! Earn up to $2000+ a month. . . . If you’re looking for work that will allow you to TRAVEL THE WORLD and earn a living at the same time GIVE US A CALL. Companies are recruiting now! Full-time or seasonal jobs available like: Waiters, Host/Hostess, Land Escorts, Tour Guides, Cruise Staff, Bartenders, Gift Shop Sales, Fitness Counselors, Youth Counselors. No exp necessary

When you call you are also told that the companies will provide free meals, housing and transportation to the various ports of call and that particular types of full-time or seasonal jobs, including but not limited to those listed are available, regardless of your level of experience or qualifications.

Sadly, they are not offering actual jobs with cruise ships and land tour companies, they do not guarantee you a job with such companies, and you are not likely to receive the earnings, benefits or types of jobs they say are available.

In fact, for your $50 you receive only a thin paperback book listing the names, addresses and a brief description, of major cruise ship lines and land tour companies and tips on working in the cruise ship industry.

It is entirely up to you to contact any company you are interested in for more information and to apply for employment and in most instances the companies listed in the book are not currently hiring or, if they have available positions, they require training, experience and at least a six to nine month long commitment. They also do not pay the represented salaries or provide the represented benefits.

Similar ads for employment in Alaska, geared to younger males seeking adventure and escape from the city, promise you that you can earn big money each month working in the Alaskan fishing industry.


Fishing industry. Earn up to $3000-$6000+ per month. Room & Board! Transportation! No experience necessary! Male/Female. Age 18-70. For more information call: 971-3512 ext A72167.

The operators say you are likely to earn $3000 to $6000 per month, regardless of your level of experience or qualifications, and that many of these jobs will provide free or low-cost housing and meals, and will even reimburse your travel expenses if you complete your employment contract with the fishing company.

They are not offering actual jobs in the Alaskan fishing industry, do not guarantee you a job, and you are certainly not likely to receive the earnings, benefits or types of jobs they say are available.

In fact, for your $50 you receive only a brochure listing the names and addresses of Alaskan fishing companies, fish processing companies and canneries, along with a description of the working conditions in that industry.

It is entirely up to you to contact each company to apply for employment, and in most instances the companies listed in the book are not currently hiring or, if they have available positions, those positions pay only minimum wage salaries, involve extremely harsh working conditions and do not offer the promised benefits.

In either case do not hope to receive a refund under the conditions they impose.

Government Job Offers


Now hiring. $16,000-$68,000.

Call 1(800)883-0829, ext. J-400

for current Federal, State, County & City lists.

You call the toll-free telephone number and are told that for $59.95 they will provide you with a list of actual positions that are currently available with government agencies in your area, along with the names of individuals to contact about such positions.

You agree to purchase the government jobs list and are asked to provide your credit card or checking account numbers, either of which is immediately charged the $59.95.

Soon you receive two publications —the first entitled "Careers 2000 Guide" and the second "Careers 2000 Listings." Neither publication includes a list of actual positions that are currently  available with government agencies in your area, along with the names of individuals to contact about such positions.

You are provided only with a list of the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of regular government agencies which are freely available in the phone book.

Resume Spamming For a Price

One company which advertised and operated a government job finding service through its website has attracted several complaints from its users who send in their resume along with $400 on the assurance of employment success based on the site's glowing testimonials.

Its affiliated company which sent your resume to companies in the oil industry had been accused by these potential employers of spamming them with unsolicited and unwanted resumes.

Strategic Ecomm Inc.
Suite 424, 9768-170 St.
Edmonton, AB T5T 5L4

Editor's Note 12/05:  The owner of, Matt H., states that they no longer offer this incredible service and have not done so for almost a year. He wished to make this point clear so that I could avoid legal problems. They do promote a service to clients for $60 and even offer the chance for affiliates of their system to get rich. "So you can retire early and enjoy the good life"

That's 1095 sub-affiliates X 1 sale per day X your $9.75 average commission; = $10,676.25 US dollars per day!

That's over 3.89 million US dollars you'd make per year! It's true!

If Mr. H. says it's true, then who am I to dispute him?

Bring Us Your Poor, We'll Make Them Poorer

Recently there was an advertisement in one of the leading Newspapers in Mumbai (Bombay - India) from a placement agency called stating that there are a lot of vacancies for fish packing in Alaska paying around $4000 a month.

When I tried searching on the Net I came across a couple of web sites like & which are offering placements in many big companies in America but I am asked to pay registration or other charges ranging from $197 to $500 for submitting my resume. has their address as:

Strategic Ecomm Inc.
Suite 424, 9768 - 170 Street
Edmonton, Alberta ,
T5T 5L4 Canada

Can you kindly let me know whether any such vacancy exists or if these people would simply run away with my registration fees!

Working 16 hours a day is not a problem but whether one could actually get paid $22 per hour, as advertised, is.

Naresh from India 04/15/02

It's Raining Resumes

Executive job outplacement (i.e. resume mailing) services such as Haldane, WSA Corporation, and others say they have the inside track on placing executives in just the right position, that they have a 98% success rate, and that their placements make 50% to 200% more than they expected.

They seem to simply provide the same guidance that you could get from any good $25 book on writing a resume, networking, and interviewing. They appear to simply buy Duns databases of corporations in the SIC industries you specify, and then mail (or email) your resume for $2.50 per letter (recommending thousands of mailings) or some other formula designed to separate you from thousands of dollars.

Of course they may place a few people, but I know there are several complaints against Haldane, but there should be more against others that pose as legitimate outplacement services (if any still exist).

Remember to always be wary of a minister who claims to be doing his business as a benevolent sideline.

Wights 10/10/02

Return to Sender

03/01 - The FTC announced five law enforcement actions against nine companies and seven individuals promising jobs with the federal or state government or the U.S. Postal Service.

Through classified ads, telephone pitches, Internet advertising and training school seminars, the companies misled consumers into paying $45 - $80 for practice exams and application forms which they indicated you were likely to score high on and ultimately receive jobs using their materials.

With these cases, the FTC has now brought a total of nine law enforcement actions against 19 companies and 26 individuals, stopping nearly $15 million in annual fraudulent sales.

The ads also described the jobs as providing generous wages and benefits and invited consumers to call a telephone number (often toll-free).

The complaints allege that the defendants misrepresented:

blue bullet point their affiliation with the Postal Service;
blue bullet point that permanent positions with the government were available in the geographic areas where they placed classified ads;
blue bullet point that you were likely to obtain postal or other government jobs by using their materials;
blue bullet point that you were likely to obtain high scores on any required exams by using their materials;
blue bullet point and that they paid full refunds to all consumers who requested them.

Another complaint alleged the company deceptively advertised and operated private schools that offered purported training to consumers interested in postal or government jobs, and recently had begun marketing the schools as business opportunities.

These and other FTC actions.

blue bullet point US Information Center, Inc., d/b/a U.S. Information Center, United Labor Services, Inc., d/b/a U.S. Labor Services, and Alfred Daniel Chandler, an officer of the corporations, also doing business as National Information Service.
blue bullet point Vocational Guides, Inc., and its president, Timothy Scott Jackson
blue bullet point American Information Labor Services, Inc., American Data Bureau, LLC, and their principals, Scott A. Horowitz and Mitchell M. Grod
blue bullet point Career Network, Inc., and its principals, Walter Turulis and Kathleen Key
blue bullet point Government Careers Network, Inc., Government Careers Center, Inc. (Florida corporation), Government Careers Center, Inc. (New York corporation), and their principal, Anthony Venzara.
blue bullet point Federal Data Service, Inc. (FDS) and its principals Stephen Tate, Spencer Golden and Dawn Johnson
blue bullet point Think Achievement Corporation, it's principal William and relief defendant Linda Tankersley

There are two things for job hunters to remember: information about government jobs is always free and guarantees of government jobs are always false.

Information about employment opportunities with the federal government are available from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management website: The USPS is finalizing the Test Orientation Guide for Major Entrance Examinations, which will be available from the USPS web site   at no charge shortly.

This document provides sample exercises and other information to help interested individuals do their best on the major USPS entrance examinations. It will also provide accurate information about the USPS selection process and employment requirements, contrary to much of the materials provided by these companies.

Pin the Tale on the Donkey


Sent: Sunday, May 05, 2002

Subject: Earn $80,000.00 this Summer Pinning Up Circulars!

I Make $160,000 Every Summer Hanging Up Flyers. Partners Wanted!


My name is C. Wilson and until 1997 I used to work in Alaskan fishing boats every summer. I earned about $100,000.00 each season! Then in 1998, I noticed how hard people were looking for jobs in the United States. I never had any trouble obtaining employment in Alaska during the summer months, so I wrote a little booklet on the subject.

It listed all the Fisheries and Fishing Boats that become eager to hire ANYBODY during the months just before summer, as well as details on how to best apply. I posted ads on billboards at colleges, supermarkets, Laundromats & on light poles near high schools and Employment Development Departments. I was not prepared for what happened next! Money started pouring in so fast I did not believe it! And by the time summer had started, I had earned about $160,000!

So I neglected to go to Alaska in favor of hanging up my flyers from then on!

This year my ex-wife was having money problems so I suggested she did what I was doing (we're still friends). She hung up circulars as suggested all around in the city of Monte Vista, CO. She's already pulled in $50,000! Then it hit me: There are thousand and thousands of cities out there and I had only been covering a small part or Los Angeles, CA! If I offered a business partnership and let my distributors earn 50%, I could cover every city and state of the United States!

If you want to make some big money and help people find jobs, join my partnership. I've been successfully selling my employment directory for 6 years now! Enlist and I'll set you up a Web Page to sell the product and you'll get 50% of each sell you make.

Hurry up! The summer is about to start and now is when the circulars pull in the real money! I'll send you your starter kit by next day air!

___Yes C. Wilson! I'd like to help people find jobs & earn Big $$$$$! On that basis here is my __ Check or __ Money Order for $59.95. I understand that this will cover the cost for registering & building my Web Page and Express - Overnight Shipping of my Partnership material including circulars displaying my own personal Web Sight.

I understand also that if I do not earn at lest $1,500.00 DAILY from the time I start until June 21, 2002, you'll totally refund my $59.95 no questions asked!

Registration Form

Send to: C. Wilson PO Box 41503 Los Angeles, CA 90041

[____] Enclosed is my $59.95 US for Business Partnership Setup.
[____] Personal Check [____] Cashier Check [____] Money Order

Orders Outside of Continental USA Add $10.00 Additional Postage US Funds Only

Would you like your Web Sight to read anything particular (easy to remember like If so, please list up to 10 choices below. If all the names you list are taken or you leave this section blank, I'll think of a pretty hot domain name for you. All entries must end in .com. Please Print Clearly

Sent in by Janice Bell 05/06/02

I just want to advise you on how to determine which ads that promise a government or a postal job are among the very few that are legitimate..

An application for a government job is called an "examination" whether there is a test involved or not. On rare occasions the government contracts with private firms which, in turn, hire employees to work for them, yet the application process is similar to that for a government job.


Second, the QUESTIONNAIRE FOR SECURITY POSITIONS Form IS a legitimate form for a background investigation which may last months or years. Beware of who gives you this form.

At some point the applicant may be called for fingerprinting or an interview and this is where you can find out whether it is a scam or not for you usually end up doing this at Federal buildings with government agents. If you are to appear at a place not connected with a government - it's a scam!

If you are told to take a class or a test, there should never be a fee and if the test is in a training center it's legitimate! However, you will not get results at home - an agent interested in you (if he is) will make use of test results.

Be prepared to wait! Application is not a guarantee of the job, it is only to create a list of people who are eligible for openings if they occur, that's all.

Finally, if you filled out a background investigation questionnaire, someone will contact you at some point and tell you that background investigation is over. If that never happens - it's a scam.

Site Contributor 05/29/02

"Glacier Bay", another Fishing Company for Alaskan Fishing Trawlers offers you the chance to work and travel.

"Send them $35 non-refundable and you will have a job within 2 months." In reality, you send them the money and all they send you is a packet with the names and addresses of 40 different companies that you have to contact and send resumes to or request applications from.

Sent in by Amanda Lira 03/31/03

Advance Fee Job Offer Strips Victims of Money

MIAMI 02/04 A woman accused of helping scam dozens of people out of thousands of dollars by offering jobs driving strippers around in luxury sedans will remain jailed until at least March 3.

Tracy Silverstone, 22, pleaded not guilty to wire and communications fraud and grand theft Friday. Circuit Judge Dennis Murphy ruled that issuing $500,000 bond would have been acceptable, but sent her back to jail nonetheless because of an unrelated arrest Jan. 31.

Silverstone and her partner, Gary Janiak Jr., 34, promised in newspaper ads around the country a weekly salary of up to $5,000 in cash for driving strippers to their jobs, Miami-Dade County police said. The Miami couple got at least 43 applicants to wire deposits of $865 and up for jobs that didn't exist, police said.

Rosenthal said Friday that more counts than the original 335 levied against Janiak and Silverstone are expected. Another 34 people have come forward claiming they were defrauded by the couple, she said, and multiple counts of fraud have been filed in the case of each victim.

Janiak remains free on $500,000 bond. He will be arraigned March 3, during Silverstone's next scheduled court appearance.

Willing to Work, But Got a Con Job Instead

03/04 - According to a police report, three friends about twenty years old, got a call from a Connecticut man offering them work as painters.

The alleged employer, who identified himself as Carlos Gomez, told them to wire "uniform deposits" to him in New Haven, Conn. via Western Union.

And they did just that, sending $90, $76 and $110, respectively.

The next morning, the trio told police, they waited on Dexter Street expecting to be picked up and taken to New Haven for their first day on the job.

But their ride didn’t turn up, so the three called the number Gomez had given them to ask what had gone wrong.

They were told the driver had gotten lost, according to police, and were told to go to the Bonanza Bus terminal in Providence, where the driver would be waiting.

When they arrived at the bus terminal and found the driver had not arrived, they called Gomez’ number a second time, only to discover the line had been disconnected.

Checking with Western Union revealed the money had been picked up by two men, one a man identifying himself as Carlos Gomez and a second man who gave the name Steve Melendez.

An example of Matt Hovela's Oil Careers sales pitch.

Warning: If you don't apply you simply won't get hired.

I don't want to alarm you but, johann, if you haven't started applying, then you could end up left out in the cold while all the other applicants start begin securing new high paying oil jobs.

johann, the great thing about working in the oil industry is that if our site helps to get you working with one of these major companies it might be based out of a off shore rig, or camp, which
will allow you to save up a lot of cash. So, johann, there will seem like a lot more money at the end of the month.

If you haven't already applied, you might be worried about the small commitment I'm asking for. So, johann, let me explain:

The information I provide in the "Members Area" of has been designed for those who are serious about finding work. I'd rather not have it as some free-for-all site where employers end up getting bombarded by every Tom, Dick, and Harry who happens to decide that for at least the next hour Oil Industry employment is where it's at.

NO johann. I'd rather leave it more exclusive, and only for people who are serious about working in the oil industry, and for those who are willing to make that commitment to the employers who
are hiring and to themselves.

We would love to do this service for free, but as you and I both know: "there's no such thing as something for nothing". And if you don't take a chance, and take some serious action your situation is not going to change johann.

Look. I've made the investment you'll make to join the members area of is super affordable too. It cost just 16 cents per day. That's less than you pay for your local newspaper! But the potential rewards it holds could actually change your hold life if you find a position through it.

And please don't think johann that I'd dare ask you to risk even a single dime of your hard earned money on my members area without first trying it out. Definitely NOT! I want you to first
try it at zero risk on your part. That's why I back up your investment with a 60 day unconditional refund policy.

That's right johann your investment is secure for 60 full days. So if you don't get a job by using my members area, or if you simply don't like the type set you can ask for a refund, it's no that's confidence!

The fact is that over 90% of our users who try out members area have found is extremely beneficial to there job search. But don't take our word for it johann, see for yourself what others are already saying about our "Oil Employment Resource Center":

Date: 7/8/2005

"You're members only webpage is beyond belief! The job field available simply shows how well structured your organization is. The amount of information available simply indicates to me (a first time user) how serious and committed you are in this business."

Ronald Nawa
Commercial Sales Manager
Origin Energy PNG Limited
Date: 8/16/2005

"Before becoming a member of, I spent hours, literally, trying to find information about off shore oil jobs and the companies I could apply to.

Without any experience in the offshore oilrig industry, I was clueless as to where to start and wasted a lot of time doing broad searches that got me nowhere.

After joining this site, I was immediately linked into a whole network of information that was clearly laid out and easy to understand.

I have already found numerous openings for the position I was seeking, all over the world. I was provided with tools to help in creating my resume and was able to send it out with confidence.

I have already had several responses to my resume and am in the process of setting up an interview. Thanks to this site, I feel that the doors to my goals are opening with a lot less headache and hassle."

Christopher Wimmer
St. Augustine, FL

These are real people who have tried our members area and were so impressed that they wrote to us thanking us for the members area.

The demand for oil workers is huge right now, johann. The only problem is that unless you get your application to the right people, chances are you simply will not get hired.

Imagine, johann, if you join our members area today you could start applying to literally hundreds of job postings, post your resume on tons of oil employment sites, contact real life oil industry recruiters and so much more. Next thing you know you're chance of gaining solid interviews will come to life and before long you'll be working. And this often happens really quickly too.

You'll be making excellent wages, much higher than most other jobs out there, and you'll be gaining experience that will benefit you for the rest of your career.

johann, this could be the one chance you have to break into the industry. And if you're from overseas possibly even come work in North America. With our 60 day unconditional money back
guarantee you simply can't lose johann.

To apply visit: and select one of our Membership Packages which will give you instant full access to our "Oil Employment Resource Center".

Sincerely, Matt H
Oilcareer Employment Resource Center
Ph: 1-305-460-2255

P.S.: Remember johann our "Employment Resource Center" is an investment in your career. One that could pay off huge as it has the potential to save you countless hours in your online search for your next oil industry position. And it's backed by a 60 day unconditional refund policy. So if for any reason you don't agree that our members area gave you all the information you need to find employment then we'll simply refund you're money with no reasons needed and no hard that's confidence!

P.P.S.: If you've already applied for our services then we would love to here from you. Send us your testimonials as we'd love to post them on our website. Thank you.

P.P.P.S.: If you've already applied for our services then by now you're already reaping in the benefits of our members area, that's if you haven't already found employment. So good for you! Wise choice.

P.P.P.P.S.: Just think johann, what would be better than for you to sign up today with us, start using our members area and end up finding a job by next week? It could very likely happen. All you got to do is get started, and we'll give you everything you need to do just that, guaranteed or you pay nothing!

Send your resume to 1200 oil and gas companies with just one click. For details:

Oil Career Employment Resource Center
Ph: 305.460.2255
#539, 9768-170 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta,

Strategic Ecomm Inc.
Suite 1507
848 N. Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89107

Payment of $297 USD was made to Strategic Ecomm Inc.


539-9768 170 ST

General Information

Original Business Start Date: Apr-1999
Telephone #: (780) 450-6682
Email Address:

Avoiding Overseas Job Scams

Large Fine a Small Cost of Doing Business for Perpetual Scammer

02/06 - (Globe and Mail) Toronto Canada's Competition Bureau says it has shut down two Edmonton-based websites that duped job seekers around the world with promises of lucrative salaries, but is already back online and open for business.

A Google search for oilcareer leads to countless allegations of fraud from people saying they paid hundreds of dollars for services they didn't receive, and then couldn't get a refund as originally promised.

We received complaints from Canadians but also from Americans, from Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. Certainly the oil and gas industry is one that globally attracts people with visions of grandeur and significant incomes, said Brian Lemon, spokesman for the federal agency.

It took five years of complaints from Internet users and persistent work by anti-scam websites to convince the agency to act.

The result is a consent agreement, similar to a plea bargain, which outlines penalties for false and misleading representations about the effectiveness of the services, the validity of a money-back risk-free guarantee, and phony testimonials.

The (law) requires that before you make a testimonial you must have written prior consent. In this case, these people didn't exist, which makes it very difficult to get their prior written approval, Mr. Lemon said.

Testimonials are a huge, huge part of anybody working on the Internet and that's what makes this as egregious as it is. These were just fabricated stories, fictitious names, people who didn't exist, all intended to lend legitimacy and credibility to what amounted to a scam.

Strategic Ecomm Inc. and Matthew Hovila agreed to pay a $100,000 fine the maximum penalty and post an admission of guilt online for actions related to and

Mr. Lemon admitted it took a while to get action against the websites consumers first complained in late 1999 and a formal investigation began in Sept. 2000 but said the bureau was happy with the result, since it was considered an important case.

It's international, it affects Canada's relationships abroad, it was based on a (large) number of complaints we got, and (Mr. Hovila) was quite successful in his scam, he said.

There's no estimate of how much money was obtained overall but consumers spent from $397 (U.S.) to as much as $1,197 in the hopes of getting a job.

In an e-mail interview, Mr. Hovila said is back online and now operating under a new business model. He said he's learned from his mistakes.

As time went on we were experimenting with a number of ideas. Some of these ideas did cross the line as far as perhaps exaggerating the realm and scope of the service. We admit to that, Mr. Hovila said.

We did fall into the trap of engaging in some reviewable conduct and we were called to account for it. It was a good learning experience ... and I'm just pleased that we were able to resolve the whole matter.

The new website already has more than 80 testimonials posted online, which Mr. Hovila insists are real.

For the new business model I figured out how to get testimonials and generated tons of them, and could generate tons more of authentic testimonials if I wanted to, he said.

Also, those people were genuinely impressed with my members area as it is a helpful product, he said.

Eight Canadian testimonials are posted online but none of the names have telephone listings and could not be contacted.

Mr. Lemon said the new site has not been investigated.

As much as (the consent agreement) goes into force the very second that it is registered, I think it's also prudent to allow ... some time to ensure they comply, he said.

The conduct you see today is somewhat different, and quite frankly, we haven't received complaints regarding it and haven't made any determinations one way or another about the conduct that is ongoing now, he said.

When asked about the number of new testimonials online he said they make me raise an eyebrow.

Should complaints and information come forward suggesting that the existing conduct is as egregious or is in some way in violation of the act, certainly we want to ensure these orders have some real meaning, he said.

The bureau had the option of pursuing criminal or civil charges but went down the civil route because the evidence supported the case more. Mr. Lemon said it also made it a more efficient way of going forward and getting the desired result.

We approached them to say, Look, we think we've got the goods on you, are you willing to entertain a negotiated settlement?' From my perspective, I'm spending taxpayers' dollars and to not (try) to work out a deal which ends up getting us what we want at much less cost and time, that's a win-win for the taxpayers, he said.

Mr. Hovila, who is the only person named in the consent agreement in relation to and, was also issued a 10-year court order to not reoffend, and could face criminal charges if he does so.

While is already taking new customers, has a message online saying it will soon resume business. Most of the complaints received by the Competition Bureau were directed at

Report your losses to

Apparently Matt has made enough to enable him to buy apartments as a sideline.

MSH Investments Inc
Suite 539, 9768 - 170 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 5L4

We are a real estate investment company that purchases apartment buildings. We're currently expanding in eastern Canada. If you're an apartment owner or Realtor who is looking to sell a property we would be interested in reviewing your building.

We specialize in offering top dollar for small to mid sized apartments. So if you want to unlock your funds for other investments, or simply want to streamline your portfolio then we'd be more than interested in reviewing the property that you have for sale.

Matthew Hovila (P2PX9)
#539, 9768-170 St
Edmonton, Alberta T5T5L4
Phone: +1 780-490-0591

Went to Ellerslie Junior High School in Edmonton, AB 86-90 which makes him about 36 in 2009.

Matthew S. Hovila
President of Strategic Ecomm Inc.
926 Thompson Place
Edmonton, Alberta T6R 3K4
Telephone: (780) 490-0591
Facsimile: (780) 490-0591

This is that address info though he may not reside there now.

$749,000 - Gorgeous 2500 square foot 2 storey in the very desirable Terwillegar Gardens community. Boasts 9 ft. ceilings on the main and 18 ft ceilings in the living and family room. Beautiful maple hardwood floors on the main floor. Huge kitchen with 5 top of the line stainless steel appliances, maple cabinetry and walk-in pantry. Spacious great room off the kitchen with cozy gas fireplace. Three spacious bedrooms upstairs and one on the main floor. Large master bedroom with oversized walk-in closet and 5pce ensuite with jetted jacuzzi tub. Functional loft upstairs. Comes fully equipped with central vacuum system, security and custom blinds. Newly built deck off the patio along with new fencing, front and rear landscaping. Excellent cul-de-sac location. This home show extremely well. Get it before its too late!

BATHROOM(S): 2.5 SUBDIVISION: Terwillegar gardens

That number reverses to this listing.

Kellar Neil
1651 46 St NW 8
Edmonton, AB T6L 5H2

How-to Services Fraud