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Industry Model Marketing ( aka Industria Models and Talent ( by Doug Hill

August 4, 2004

[Last Updated: February 02, 2006 ]

Names and Addresses

459 Auburn Ave. Suite 235
Atlanta, GA 30312

6820 Roswell Road Suite 2E

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BBB Record was/is "unsatisfactory":

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This company's ads have been banned by craigslist:

New York Fashion Photographer Photo Shoot
Reply to: newface[email protected] Date: 2005-08-09, 5:21PM EDT Atlanta/New
York talent and modeling agency, "Industry", announces a photo shoot with a leading New York fashion photographer on 8/21/05.

Date: 2005-08-09, 5:21PM EDT
This posting has been removed by craigslist staff.

Consumer Comments

I wanted to report a modeling agency that I paid $695.00 . . . After attending a meeting, an interview, and a photo shoot that they required for me to attend . . . I realized that it was a huge [photo mill] scam . . . that they are trying to get as many people to go to these meetings and have pictures done to make a ton of money.

I kept my receipt [and] everything they gave me . . . this is a huge scam and I didn't realize it until I went to the photo shoot and found out . . . Please help!!!!!!!! Several parents that paid these people could barely afford to as it was. The people involved were the Agency, New York Photographer (supposedly) and a model. Here is the Agency's address, name, phone number:

459 Auburn Ave. Suite 235
Atlanta, GA 30312

They basically took everyone: the ugly, the pretty, the fat, the skinnny. EVERYONE WAS TAKEN!!!


Consumer Inquiry

Trying to find some info on a "modeling agency" in Atlanta GA. The name of the company is Industria Models & Talent, 6820 Rosewell Rd. Suite 2E, Atlanta , GA. 30328. Web address is The president is Douglas Hill. Another web address found in the booklet given is Any info on this company is appreciated.

Background Check

1. Doug Hill used to work for Face National Models and Talent.1

2. Face National was sued by the Attorney General of North Carolina for running a photo mill scam where consumers spent $1,000.2

3. Doug Hill also used to work for Robert Ecksmith (On Track Modeling).3

4. On Track Modeling also sells photography and photographs for $1,000.4

5. A parent earlier reported paying Doug Hill at Industria Models and Talent for photo shoots.5

6. In the late 90s Hill used to operate in Atlanta doing business as "Worldwide Model Group."6

7. The Better Business Bureau said they sold products7 (probably photo shoots and photographs).

8. They did not respond to all consumer complaints filed at the BBB.8

9. The Talent Pool, Inc., is owned by Don Buckalew.9

10. Don Buckalew was a booker at On Track Modeling.10

11. Modeling agencies are not supposed to make money from photography or photographs.11


1. "I spoke with Doug Hill, who describes himself as a "consultant to Face's print division," and he insisted that the agency distributes client-submitted cards as aggressively as they do the cards they produce. Hill says ad agencies and similar businesses call Face "all the time" for models. Judging from the company's record with the BBB, however, and the claims of former clients from around the country, I'd take that statement with a large grain of salt." Barbara Nordin, "Losing Face: 'Model search' hits the Doubletree," The Hook, Issue #0208, Feb. 27, 2003.

2. North Carolina v. Face National Models and Talent LLC. legal/face.html

3. Email from Robert Ecksmith, OTM President, 2004.

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5. "... A-Line Models and Talent in Atlanta, GA, aka Industria? I recently paid them (Doug Hill) $850.00 for 2 photo shoots to promote my son. Have I been scammed?" Email from consumer, October 2003.

6. BBB Report, Worldwide Model Group, May 18, 2003.

7. Ibid. The BBB file for Worldwide Model Group said half the complaints concerned "Refund or Exchange Issues": "Number of complaints processed by the BBB in last 36 Months: 14 ... Complaints Concerned Refund or Exchange Issues: 8."

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Bang Models ( aka Creative Talent by Doug Hill in Atlanta, Georgia