Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Trump Model Management ( Donald Trump (John Tutolo, President)

May 13, 2005

[Last Updated: September 29, 2005 ]

Consumer Question/Comment

Why is it perfectly fine for Donald Trump at Trump Models ( to charge models over $1,000.00 for composite cards and photos (Test Shoots) but it seems to be a scam if anyone else does it?


It's not a scam if all the money goes directly to the photographer and printer. Are the payments made directly to Trump Model Management? Who is the photographer? How many cards do you get for $1,000? What company does the printing?

Note: Donald Trump has been associated with Stacey Eastman of Pulse Management who runs a photo mill / comp card racket with his wife. Eastman says he's a partner with Trump. There's a picture of Trump and Eastman on the site:

Donald Trump and Stacey Eastman