Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

June 18, 2004

[Last Updated: June 18, 2005]

Artist Management Group, Inc.
( Terry Groman (Terrence A. Groman) in McLean, VA


Millennium Model and Talent Management
Artist Management Division
8381 Old Courthouse Road Suite 130
Vienna, VA 22182
Attn: Terry Groman


Artist Management Group, Inc.
1616 Anderson Road, #106
McLean, VA 22102

Terry Groman, the owner of Artist Management Group, used to be a leader/manager at the controversial modeling company Millennium Model Management, whose St. Louis office was exposed by Fox 2 News.

This information was publicly known before MMM suddenly shut down and abandoned its models. (It was suspected the authorities were about to move against their scam so the main leader fled.)

The BBB still confirms his past: "Mr. Groman has indicated that he had managed Millennium Model Management from 1998 to 2004. A separate report is available on that firm." ( [June 18, 2004].

The separate BBB report on MMM LLC for Virginia, where Groman operated, and where he is listed as a Managing Partner, reported: "In June, 2004 this company's membership in the BBB was revoked by the Board of Directors of the Better Business Bureau due to failure to maintain the principles and standards required for membership."

Below is a sample web page from MMM's website a few years ago. Note the email address and how involved Terry Groman was.

Millennium Model Management, which used to operate in Virginia at 8321 Old Courthouse Rd, McLean, VA 22101, was running a photo mill scam. It charged models $1,500 for photography, but kept most of that money for itself.

Terry Groman's association with and leadership at the Millennium Model Management scam cannot be dismissed as insignificant, since he was not only a leader there, but he was also there for several years. Therefore there was no way he could not have known there was a scam going on. Furthermore, Artist Management Group is now charging the same amount as Millennium Model Management: $1,500.

Artist Management Group operates near Tyson's Corner, which is where Model 1, Inc., one of the biggest school/photo mill scams in U.S., operated before the FTC took action. Model 1 offered: "jobs, job placement, industry training, photography and agency placement." Although AMG offers virtually the same (except the jobs), there is no known clear tie between both agencies, or any proof that anyone at MMM used to work for Model 1.

Artist Management Group, however, promotes Scott Bryant, one of the photographers who was involved in the Model 1 scam. The Model 1 scam, briefly, charged models about $1,500 for photography and classes under the pretext this would help them get work. Very few did get modeling jobs. The agency made most of its money off photography and classes, not commissions.

Artist Management Group collects fees for photography in the amount of $1,500. No explanation is provided as to why the fee is so high, nor why the payment cannot be made directly to the photographer. If you check the websites of the photographer(s) recommended by AMG on their website, you can find the photographer's rate is lower—much lower—than AMG's $1,500 rate. This can only mean one thing: Artist Management Group is exploiting by price-gouging.

Warning: Artist Management Group's website said: "We are strictly artist managers. We do not book you directly ourselves." There has been a complaint that AMG represents itself as if it is an agency. Even their website, unbelievably right after they said they are not agents, said, "I've been asked to come to the agency for an interview, what should I wear?"

The distinction cannot be overemphasized. Many aspiring models incorrectly assume if they meet a socalled model scout, or are invited to an open call, or attend an interview, or are told they've been selected, or receive an offer or representation, the company is an agency. Too many times, however, it is not an agency. It is either a store or a manager, or even a store and a manager, which cannot book jobs, and instead tries to sell expensive classes and/or photos.

Agencies, of course, book jobs. Managers do not. AMG is a manager. AMG does not. Therefore if you want to be booked for jobs, do not go to Artist Management Group, find an AGENCY. also said: "Our goal is to prevent you from spending thousands of dollars aimlessly in an industry that is riddled with misconceptions and misinformation." You could easily spend and waste over a $1,000 if you sign up with AMG and pay them.

It is well established that models should not pay for expensive photography or even comp cards until they are represented by an agency and get an agent, because agents, who actually book jobs, have to market them directly to clients; therefore they want to direct the "ad campaign" to market a specific model.

Please note that it is unethical for either an agent or a manager to make any money before models or talent work. Legitimate agents also train their models free if/when necessary. Legitimate managers promote you to, and get you placed with, legitimate agents. Easily with snapshots. They do not charge you for classes, pictures, etc. If they direct you to get comp cards, pro photography, etc., it is after you get signed with an agency, and in conjunction with the agency's direction/approval. They do not charge advance fees of any kind. You don't pay them a cent until you work. They get a 15% commission on jobs while the agent gets 20%.

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