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http://wcco.com/iteam/grays.model.management.2.688941.html Video: http://wcco.com/iteam/grays.model.management.2.688941.html

Copycat Scam: Documentary Evidence Links Kids.com to Biggest Child Modeling Scam in U.S. History

ntakidsmailfraud.pdf (See both letters side by side) [50 KB]

NEWS: Landmark Legal Ruling Biggest in Modeling Industry in 50 Years
New York State Supreme Court Judge Ramos opens the door for New York models to get money due from excessive billing and unpaid commissions from modeling agencies for violations of New York employment agency law, operating without an employment agency license, independent of the DCA and unrestricted by statute of limitations. ". . . the Article 11 claim . . . is not time-barred."
ramoslandmark.pdf (pp. 21 - 25) [210 KB] [Email to request full 26-page ruling, 1.25 MB]

Secret Past of National Modeling Agency's Leading Model Scout Revealed:
Attorney General of Texas Granted Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction
Against His Unlicensed Talent Agency and Photo Mill Scam
Modeling Agency Owner Admits Ownership of Printing Company
Documentary Evidence From the Horse's Mouth
Conflict of Interest Dirty Secret Exposed
Dawn Cockrell
Wanted: Dawn Cockrell
Update: Woman Arrested In Alleged Phony Dance Audition

Modeling Scam Eyed
in Missing Woman Case

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Telemarketing Script for Modeling Convention

Legitimate Questions: What to Ask a Modeling Agency Before Signing a Contract or Spending any Money

How can I get my money back or get out of a contract?

"One big mistake that many aspiring models make is spending tons of money on photos, portfolios, and composites before they get an agent. This is a total waste of money and time, and people who tell you otherwise either don't know what they're talking about or are scamming you." — Roshumba Williams, Supermodel

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