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August 16, 2004

[Last Updated: August 16, 2005 ]

"You have 24 hrs to remove my name from your scam site or face the brutal force of the fbi a**holes. I have documented you asking me for 50,000.00 to remove me. You have 24 hrs." -- BobbyC (August 13, 2005)

Subject: Re: blazingphotography
Never mind we have meet with Robert and he has informed us your nothing but a miss informed site that is run by one of his competitors and found him to be very good photographer and extremely nice person, we did a check on your site, and we are not interested in what you have to say about him, we will recommend him to all of our client's, and for the record we use this email to avoid scammers like yourself and to avoid spam.I now know why Robert has spoken so ill of you.We guess if a person complains to you from a yahoo acct about someone, you will just post there info on your site.We are turning your site over to the FCC for investigation and to find out were and how you obtain your info.Have a pleasant day.   thank you CCE (BobbyC).

"we're all going to sue you. many of us. i have a great company. i have helped models earn millions. i used to handle carmen electra you loud mouth faggot. you beter stop that internet site. we are going to find you. you can't hide behind your computers. your probably a model who never got any work. send my emails to [...]. he's going to sue you. he knows who you are. he tell us your a faggot." -- francheska d.

"the bbb co. is a scam in california. anyone knows that your name is ed" -- francheska d.

H E Y S T U P I D . . . A R E  Y O U  T H E R E . . . W H Y  D O  Y O U  H I D E  F R O M  M E ? ? ? . . .   W H O ' S  T H E  R E A L  S C A M  A R T I S T  ?

F * C K Y O U. T A K E M Y N A M E O F F Y O U R W E B S I T E . I W I L L S U E Y O U !

good bye fag boy we'll see you in the courts.we'll speak again

faggot- say hello to helen at the i.c.a. company.she's on line.she's coming for you too.so is phyllis from kids hollywood.

your a faggot.do you not have a boyfriend.you probably do not.he wouldn't let you run such a scam operation.your single we bet.some faggots have such big mouths.why is that.

our biz is legit. your the f*ckin scam. we have got together with other companies. we are going to go after you and some other people. your name is ed. you live in arizona. you part of rip off reports. we will close you down fast i promise. stop f*cking with by business you faggot. F. and others


your a f*cking thief you a**hole. what are you hiding from. we were framed by paramount pictures. did you know that i sued them. that's why we had criminal charges filed against us. we were railroaded. anyways our records are being removed so you must per law remove it right away or be prosecuted. cheryl murphy already warned you once. you are a sad and lonely person aren't you. i feel pitty for you. we have great attorneys who will make mince meat out of you. we have joined with others. we're coming for you. note- models must have portfolios to work in this business. do you even know this business stupid. F.



is that all you can say. take my f*ckin' name off the website. F.

is that all you can say? are you for real... you're going to get sued big time a**hole...now start talking...who represents your company legally, the lawyer? we will sue you and the BBB company F. -- F.D.

Fwd: You idiot!
You are an idiot. Why are you hiding from me? Show yourelf. You are sending out incorrent information about my company. I have no idea who Cheryl Murphy is. I think she rents an office in our building. Why are you connecting her to me? I will have to stop you, through severe legal actions in the courts of law. I will find you. You will have to pay damages for hurting my great industry reputation. I work with only newcomers I feel can be stars. I started Carmen Electra. I've been in the agency business for years. Please get back to me or I will have to refer you to my attorney for prosecution . -F.D.

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