Ad Kids Inc. ( in Chicago, Illinois and New York by Susan Henrichs

Ad Kids Introduction Letter - Did You Receieve a Letter Like This?

BREAKING: Adkids Owner Former Agent of Chicago Modeling Agency Shut Down by Feds

Parent Who Paid Adkids Gets Refund After Complaint to Local Reporter:


Ad Kids, Inc.
4801 W. Peterson-Ste 615
Chicago, IL 60646

Ad Kids, Inc.
27 West 24th Street
New York, NY

Fast History Lesson

1. Adkids Owner Henrichs used to work for the scam in Chicago
2. was started by people who worked for National Talent Associates
3. National Talent Associates was the worst child modeling scam in history
4. NTA was shut down by the FTC and the Department of Justice in 1999
5. Adkids has failed to prove how it is different from and NTA

Background of Susan Henrichs, Owner & Founder of Adkids: Former Scam Employee

Mrs. Henrich Named in Consumer Complaint against Child Modeling Scam

Susan Henrichs, Agent, Model Agency, Inc., 1992 at 6326 N LINCOLN AVE, Chicago

National Talent Associates, Inc., 1994 at 6326 N LINCOLN AVE, Chicago
() LLC, 2004 at 6326 N LINCOLN AVE, Chicago

Background of Donald Joseph Voight, Adkids Leader: Former Scam Vice President

Donald Voight Accused of Credit Card Fraud

Background of David Laurino of Adkids: Former Scam Employee in Chicago

See also Fraud Complaint against Laurino:

Don Voight Denied Refund to Parent Scammed by

Letter from Diane Pierce of Adkids - Adkids Recruited 700 Parents in One Year

Letter of Rebuttal to Fraud by Diane at Adkids - Ethical Managers Don't Charge Upfront Fees

Where to File Complaints Against Adkids with the Government

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