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Dear Easy Background Check,

I want to sincerely thank you so much for all of the time and work that you have put into helping me throughout this unforgettable ordeal.  Thank goodness my friend sent me that email about your site after hearing that I signed a contract with a socalled modeling agency.  You helped me out so much and when I wanted to just give in and let them keep my money, you reminded me that they certainly did nothing to earn any type of payment.  It's been a long [. . .] months and they finally gave me my refund.  It is absolutely wonderful and reassuring to know that there are people like you in the world who are selfless enough to provide information for defenseless people, like myself, who thought that their dreams could come true only to find out that they were scammed.  You have saved me from losing a lot of hard-earned money.  If there's ever anything that I can do to assist you with other potential scams please let me know.  Thank you so much.

I was approached and given a card by [. . .] in a Costco Store.  I KNEW it was a scam.  Thank you for setting up this website. Now I can tell my child that he/she is still a living doll, but he/she will need to develop his/her talent at home :-), rather than in a studio.

Thank you so much for this website! THANK YOU for saving my child from . . . disappointment.

I happened to come across your site after I told my friend of my upcoming interview . . .  He got interested too! Since I forgot the website, I told him to just search for it. We were shocked when we found your web page! We can't believe how much scam there is in some talent companies! I thank you so much for saving me a lot of money and for keeping me and my friend from being victims of fraud!

I just want to say thanks for all this information.

It all seemed so good. They really built themselves up. They even brought in a mom that luckily did have a good experience with them. I was ready to sign up. They made us sit there for about two hours. Then they popped up the shocker to us all: $550 to start up. Wow!!! Even though, I was ready to do it, thankfully my husband went with me. He talked me into going home and thinking about it. We have always in past situations, just slept on it. I decided to pull this company information up just to check it out. Once I read all the remarks, I just sank in my seat. Any parent out there wants their children to have the best of it all. I kept wondering all day, "What if I don't do this and my child misses out on something big?" Well, needless to say, I realize that I need to face reality. Especially after reading the facts on things that have happened to other good people. I know that my daughter is beautiful and that is good enough for me. I am just so grateful that I only wasted two hours of my life with these people. It was a good learning factor for me. You can't trust just anyone. I am going to use that $550 towards educational and fun activities for my daughter that I know that she will cherish forever. Thank you all for your input.

Looks like [. . .] is at it again, this time trying his hustle in Benton, AK, where impressionable young women are sucked in by his slickness. Same scam, different place. Glad your website was accessible and enabled me to convince my niece not to buy into it!

Just attended an "open casting call" for [. . .]. The information provided on your website has been an eye-opener. Should we receive a "favorable" letter from this company it will go in the trash. It did accomplish one thing for our family. We had a great family outing at a favorite restaurant after the "call," something we seldom do!

Thank you for your website! I was approached today by a woman in the supermarket asking me about doing modelling, and she gave me a business card. I thought it was a little weird that it didn't have a web address, and I spoke to a friend who warned me that she had seen a hoax something like this. So I searched on the web and sure enough, I found you guys.

I am an agency director of a small agency in [. . .]—I just had to write to you and say, good job! A lot of these stories are right on the money, and lots of these stories I had heard by word of mouth by bookers at other agencies. I'm very impressed by how factual you have kept things—please, keep up the good work! It makes the few of us in the industry who work 80-hour weeks feel as if we may someday get a bit more respect!!!

I do not have any questions, but I want to say THANK YOU soooo much forall the information you give out, because it is true that so many people get scammed every day.

A friend of mine just last week took her 12-year-old son to a company called [. . .] Modeling Agency located in P.A. I told her to check them out first and she said she felt good about the company because they had the BBB sign on it. I told her to be careful because you can not always go by that. I just emailed my friend today with your site and, let me tell you, she was so happy with all the info you give. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU for helping to make the world a better and honest place. We love you all for your work. THANKS again.

I would like to thank you for this informative website. It has saved us thousands of dollars. Thank you so very much!

Thank you! Thank you! You just saved me $2,000!

Thank you so so much for the information that you sent me!!! You've saved me $1,500 and my time.

My wife and daughter and I just went to a car sales pitch . . . . I feel like I was buying a car rather than getting my daughter involved in acting. We walked out of there thinking, "What a joke!" But they made my nine-year-old daughter feel like she was going to be a big star, so I did not want to burst her bubble with negativity. I did a search on Google . . . and the second thing down was someone's commentary (from your website) on the company which was exactly (to a 'T') how we felt and were treated. Very strange. I want to thank you for getting this info out. It helped save us $1,400. I was able to show this info to my daughter so that I could break the news to her with facts. She understood the situation, which makes me feel better. So, Thanks.

Your website and your response is greatly appreciated. It saved two parents from shattering the dreams of their teens, who felt that I just did not care. . . . Seeing it in print from you was all that it took. They are not giving up hope . . . . Also, thanks for giving me enough information to ask intelligent questions.

Thanks for your information and for saving us $695 ($595 for one kid and only an additional $100 for the second kid).

Thanks for saving me the headache of going there and wasting a day!! Much appreciated!

Thank you for confirming our suspicions.

Thank you very much! Knowing about this scam has saved me a lot of time, effort, and money! I think your website is wonderful!"

Thank you for responding so quickly. I was actually approached for an employment opportunity and started researching immediately . . . once again THANK YOU. Time is very valuable, and you saved something that is very valuable to me . . . TIME.

Thanks for operating this website, and for the warning about . . . . I would never accept a position which needed a start-up fee, but you still may have saved me the trouble of wasting a considerable amount of time at an interview, and being very frustrated and angry.

Thank you for publicly posting information about . . . You helped me to make a solid decision.

I was happy to find this website to know that I'm not alone in being scammed . . .

Thank you so very much for your quick reply and your assistance. Your email made a big impression on my son and helped to clarify his understanding of what was happening, and what was wrong about it.

I came across your site and I was drastically in tears when I saw . . . in your list of scams. How can this be? I think they are professional. My parents spent $500 for a photoshoot for my composite card. I checked on the Better Business Bureau and there are no complaints. But I came here and there were some complaints.

[This website] is an amazing tool that all aspiring models should use. It's really great that something like this is available to check these kind of things out.

Fantastic site.

. . . most helpful in helping me avoid a potential financial disaster . . . pointed down other avenues to help me get where I would like to be in this search for model success. Thank you.

Am I ever glad that I choose to check the Internet prior to scheduling a screentest. Your website has been VERY INFORMATIVE. Thanks to all the parents who have taken the time to share their stories so that some of us can be spared the time and expense of being caught in this scam.

I was approached by Barbara Bartnof at Officemax in Cheviot Hills. She told me how beautiful my child was, and gave me pink card with the address of this place. Luckily, we found this website right before we went and figured out this was a trick. I heard from other parents that they wanted about $900 for a book (!) that included forms to fill out for nothing, a pamphlet to tell how to act, and another address to pay more money!! Thank you so much for this warning. I appreciate this so much because I saved my own money.

I was approached yesterday, January 5, 2006, at the San Dimas Target store by a lady who said her name was Jessica Baslow. She gave me her business card (same pink card) and gave me the same line about my son that the other concerned parents were given. I decided to check the internet to see if they were legit and thank God I found this website. I really would have hated to disappoint my son and wasted time and money on a fraud. Again, thank you so much or this website.

My oldest son said he felt suspicious from the start, so he was not let down to much after all was said and done, but this definitely got my younger son excited about acting. So he was let down quite a bit but he is definitely a tough cookie and his statement to me was, "MOM, I AM DISAPPOINTED IN THEM!" With some encouraging words we did go on to brush it off as just a lesson learned. Although they did go to the screen test, our wasted time & money was minimal. Thanks to this web site!

I just wanted to say thank you for your work/reporting regarding scams in the modeling industry.  I had an opportunity to experience it first hand last night. Thanks to a little research on my part, and your hard work, I will not be going back. I do however feel bad for all those other young people filled with hope that will be scammed out of their time and money.  There must have been at least 100 people in the open call last night.   Keep up the good work You are providing a great service to the community.

Thanks for your website that confirmed my doubt about the socalled agency John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center You saved my innocent 4-year boy from disappointment and my husband's hard-working money.

I just wanted to thank you for your website. If it was not for your website, [. . .] would have scammed me out of $1,200 for my (one-of-a-kind) 11-month-old baby boy. After finding out he made the call back, I did some reasearch on their company to find out . . . it is nothing but a scam.  Thank you.

My daughter and I were just approached by Jessica B. at the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia. The first thing we did when we got home was a search on the company. Thanks for saving me my Sunday, and my daughter some disappointment.

You really are wonderful. I just got a call today from [my bank].  They are going to be giving me the credit back for $500. I had just called them yesterday, and they told me I would hear from them. I really didn't think I would have gotten an answer so quick. Thank you so much for your help.  I know your contact information was crucial to my getting our credit. What you do is awesome. I know I will be using your website to research any and all things that I am not to certain about. I am glad I emailed the right site. Deepest Appreciation.

I received my credit card statement yesterday and there is a $1100 credit on it from [...] for the refund from [...]'s modeling class Balance! I really didn't expect to see that ever happen. Someone must have gotten to the right person. Thank you for your suggestions and help.

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