Shayna Eastman fka Shayna Edwards (Pulse Management, Capture Productions, Fifth Element Artists (5th Element Artists) (

Shayna Eastman, before she married Stacey Eastman, was known as Shayna Edwards. The following email exchange occurred in November 2003, starting with an email addressed to Capture Productions (, a now defunct business, inquiring about its association with Pulse Management.

To Capture Productions

November 8, 2003

Dear Sir/Madam:

Several consumers have inquired about Pulse Management after being advised to get pictures taken by Capture Productions. They all report only being advised to get their pictures taken by Capture Productions. Does Capture Productions have a business relationship with Pulse Management or do you have a business partnership with Pulse? Can you provide a breakdown of the fees? Can you justify the extreme expense of $2,000? This is far in excess of what industry leaders advise new models to spend.

From Capture Productions

November 13, 2003


We are completely independent of any other company. If someone has questions about Pulse, they should contact Pulse. We have received referrals from them, but I know that they use several other companies as well. In a referral, a good agent or manager should connect a model's look with a photographer's style. Our photographers obviously cannot match any agency's look completely. I do know that Pulse does not require any particular company. If a talent asks for a recommendation, they will give one.

As far as Capture is concerned, the difference in fees relates to shopping at K-Mart versus Nordstroms. You get what you pay for. Do note, test shooting is a small part of our business. The artists and companies are independent contractors and set their own rates. They are not "test photographers" looking for work. They are artists working daily within the industry, so they are worth more. We do not head-hunt consumers. They contact us and either want our product or they don't. A few times, talent will contact us to get rates then try to piece it out on their own. Inevitably, most come back to us because it is a lengthy process and our services make it easier on them.

As a group of independent contractors, we can charge what we feel is a reasonable price for the high quality services and items we offer. The highest fee charged for modeling is $1900.00 not $2,000.00. This includes everything that an agency or manager would require for representation: photographer, stylist, makeup artist, film, owning all proof sheets/negatives (which other photographers keep the rights and the model has to go through them for future printing), all enlargements, 500 composite cards, images scanned to a disk, agency portfolio with logo, all lab fees, color correcting, and shipping. As the models are not traveling to NY or LA to shoot, a photographer's expenses need to be covered as well for airfare, hotel, car, food, etc.

. . . you are not authorized to print any information contained herein.

Your [sic] Welcome, Leah


There's just one problem with the claim by "Leah" that "We are completely independent of any other company." Shayna Eastman sent an email on Sept. 19, 2003, on behalf of Pulse Management, protesting an online allegation that Pulse Management charged $1,900 for photography.

The email from "Lea" at Capture Productions had the message ID:


The email from Shayna Eastman at Pulse Management had the message ID:


There's only one logical conclusion: "Lea" is Shayna Eastman. She sent the emails from the same computer. She and Pulse Management have serious disclosure issues and she used a fake name for the sole purpose of hiding a business referral scheme to make money off young models. Disgusting!!!

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