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Mac Model Management aka Mac Models aka Mac Models International aka Mac's Model Management Gene Gordan in Beverly Hills Ursula Walkiewicz

April 1, 2005

[Last Updated: April 01, 2005 ]

Business Address

Mac's Model Management
9454 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 720
Beverly Hills, CA 91212

Additional Business Name/Info

MAC Model International, Inc.
9454 Wilshire Blvd/Suite 720
Beverly Hills, California 90212
Tel 310.273.2566 Fax 310.273.6733

9454 Wilshire Blvd Ste M1
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2912

Website Address


Business Registration

Number: C2024056 Date Filed: 1/2/1998 Status: active
Jurisdiction: California
10701 WILSHIRE BLVD #304
Agent for Service of Process
10701 WILSHIRE BLVD #304

(Source: [April 1, 2005]

Consumer Complaints

The BBB record showed a complaint related to photography:

Complaint Description - Posted  5-21-2004
I signed with Mac models and they sent me to there [sic] photographer. The photos I got back where [sic] not professional. On most of them the lighting was bad and a few had my head cut off at the top. I paid mac a deposit of 250.00 and the balance 200.00 to photographer Gene Gordan. I have asked for a re-s[h]oot or a refund and they said no.
Resolution Sought
450.00 for photographs and 175.00 for photo enlargments TOTAL $625.00
(Source: [April 1, 2005]


Modeling agencies and modeling managers are not supposed to charge for photography or photos. There are many photo mill scams in California. There is not enough information yet to know if Mac is a photo mill scam, but it's a red flag if an agency or manager collects any money for photography or photos. Agencies are not allowed to collect deposits. It's illegal in California for a talent agency to collect fees for photography or photos. Labor Code 1700. There is a similar law for talent managers (Labor Code 1701) with restrictions on photography and advance fees.


If you are looking for a talent/model agency, or think Mac is one, it isn't. There is no record of a talent agency license: [April 1, 2005]

Additional Research [April 1, 2005]


Email to discuss Mac Models, or provide updated information, or share your experience, or find out how to get your money back.



My daughter heard of Mac Models after talking to models.
I asked her where she met those models and she didn't say.
Mac Models wanted her to get $450 of pictures with four or five outfits, and
another $250 of comp cards.

She also has been working with Actors Rep. They told her she needed $275 of
head shots.  Her agent at Mac Models told her he believed in her potential
so much that he paid $75 of it. And when she got to the studio, the
photographer (Darling Studios), said, "Wow, he paid $75 of it?  He never
does that!" She used her last $100 in the world, saved from every bit of
Christmas money she got, and I paid the other $100.


P.S. Also, the Better Business Bureau description of Actors Rep is "a company
that provides acting workshops."  My daughter was under the distinct
impression they were going to get her paying work.  Hmmm.


Hi there,

After two interviews I was told by this agency that they wanted to represent
me. There is no fee, however, she told me I need to have a ZED card made,
and they have a few photographers that they recommended, one in particular. His
rate is 400 dollars. But I would have to pay the agency 200 in advance and
200 at the shoot. Is this a legit agency and is this a normal price for ZED



Dear Sir/Madam,

On XXXXXXX 2004, after "approval" from Mac Models re: my looks, I paid
$200.00 cash in advance to book a photoshoot with photographer Gene to get
pics for the "right" representation by Mac Models. On the receipt it said
"no refund"...

This made me wonder and after hearing a story from a fellow model
this evening I decided to do a background check. My question to you is
what course of action I should take...before I storm in their office first
thing tomorrow-morning to ask my money back?

Should I start mentioning taking this complaint to Bill Gebhardt
in case Ursula Walkiewicz (name of the lady I dealt with)
refuses to give me my cash back?

I hope you can give me some good advice here...I've been naive enough
already, so I'd rather wait taking any action until you reply.
I thank you for all the information you made accessible and public on your

Wishing you a beautiful day!



They don't have a website best I can tell.  I told my
wife to ask for their [talent agency] license number.

Sure enough, they got quite upset ("Why would
you want to know that? No one ever asks us for that!")
So she realized they were a [...].