Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds. aka WISH Shopping Network LLC (W.I.S.H. Network) Ron Gross aka Linda Stanton

Subject: Here is Ron Gross
This is the Ad they send out

Reply to: Linda123pa\\
Awesome opportunity with one of the largest shopping
networks in the world. Models receive guaranteed
Earnings, Exposure, Experience, Free Clothes, Company
Benefits with all work right where the model lives.

Christian family owned and Member of the Better Business Bureau.

Send Name and Photo   Linda123pa\\

This is the reply they send back I highlighted the [. . .] and the references to Ron in yellow

  ---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Linda Stanton <modelscout51\\>
Date: Aug 31, 2005 1:00 PM


Professional Modeling Agreement

Whereas both parties agree to the Terms and Conditions below, therefore, the signatures below make this agreement legal and valid. Model has (3) days to sign this agreement or at least call to reserve the position. We have advertising deadlines to meet. We select and sign only a very few applicants to model for our Network.

Model signed below is guaranteed to have his/her look appear on Catalog Ads featured on to promote (12) Fashions/Products. (One per month for one full year.) Merchandise can be from Gift Card, E-Mailed Gift Certificate or Actual Physical Fashion or Product. (Each Catalog Ad shall remain "aired" for a minimum of one year unless the fashion/product is no longer available at which time model will be sent another fashion/product to model.)

Samples of Catalog Ads can be viewed by going to: and clicking on the various age group Catalog Ads.

Model shall keep the fashions/products sent for own personal usage at no charge and do not have to be returned. (Mailed each month by USPS.)(Our Network chooses the fashions/products from the Name Brand List featured at: only.)

Model shall be sent a Digital Camera to use and to keep to take the photos for the monthly assignments.W e send the Model Welcome Package within 7 days of paying in full.We send by priority mail. We need natural, freelance type shots. A Professional Picture is one that the model takes the time to pose well and shot to the specs of the assignment. (You may select to use your own photographer or your own camera.

Model shall earn 85% of all Earnings paid out to our Network from from the airing of the model's Catalog Ads.

Model shall also be paid a Monthly Gross Revenue Share Check. Model MUST send an e-mail to: the last week of each month to request their Monthly Gross Revenue Share or forfeit their Share for that month. (This assures that the model will make earnings every month guaranteed.)

Model is guaranteed to also receive a Full Color Copy of each Catalog Ad to put in his/her portfolio sent by E-mail that can be printed out by model. This gives the model very valuable "Print Credits" to add to his/her Professional Modeling Resume'. The more "Print Credits" you list on your resume', the more valuable you become as a Professional Model because you can show proof of actual modeling experience.

Models receive a SPECIAL BONUS of a $1,000 Shopping Spree which is considered our Company Benefit Package. (This can also be viewed at: click on Company Benefits.)

Model must pay a small Security Deposit of $289.00 to protect our Network's assets and to show a commitment to model. This is not some ordinary per hour once and done modeling assignment. The costs of sending the fashions/products is enormous in addition to the high costs of publishing and advertising the Catalog Ads. (We have had models steal the fashions and not model and the security deposit eliminates this problem and our network only desires models who are very serious about their careers and appreciate all that we offer free of charge.) The Security Deposit is guaranteed given back to model through the above Monthly Gross Revenue Share Plan.) You can Make Payment at: click on Shopping Cart or Fax Contract Back with Credit Card Info to: 570-227-0090 You can also make payment arrangements by calling Ron at: 570-975-5296 PLEASE PRINT!! SEND BACK BOTH PAGES PLEASE! * We can not guarantee any specific total amount of earnings each month and return on investment can also be seen in the valuable experience and exposure gained, the free clothes, digital camera and company benefits in addition to the earnings.

Model Name____________________________Age____Male or Female



Clothes Sizes SMALL MEDIUM LARGE X-LARGE #Sizes______________

Model Signature (Or Parent if under 18 yrs.)_____________________

Worldwide Int. Shopping Headquarters Digital Signature R. Gross, Founder/President



1. Model signs contract and pays security deposit.

2. Network sends model Model Welcome Package by postal priority mail within 7 days of model signing with instructions.

3. Network sends first Fashion and Digital Camera to model. (Please allow about one week to arrive. Thank-you.)

4. Model wears fashion and has picture taken showing off fashion.

5. Model sends photo by E-mail to:

6. Catalog Ad is designed and published on in front of a potential daily viewing audience of over 30 Million People. Model is E-mailed Full-Color Copy of actual Catalog Ad to print out and insert into model's Professional Portfolio and list on Professional Model Resume'.

7. Model sends E-mail the last week of each month to request Earnings paid out by check .

8. Next month's Fashion/Product is postal mailed to model and procedure repeated.

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