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February 3, 2005

[Last Updated: February 03, 2006 ]

Everything looks great at first glance. Cathi Larsen has been around since 1985, has a licensed school, and an inhouse photographer and makeup artist.

However, according to two sources, Larsen sells classes and is also promoting a convention in Orlando, FL, AMTC. Inhouse photographers are a red flag. Agents are not supposed to make any money from anything (classes, photos, conventions) before a model works. Why? It's a conflict of interest. Are you selected or signed by Cathi Larsen because the agency thinks you will get work? Or because they can sell you classes, pictures, etc.?


June 10, 2006

I think you provide a good service; I just want to clarify some points brought out
in your information.


We don’t charge anything to be listed with our agency; and yet we spend a great deal on mailing out comp cards, actor’s headshots, overnight, express mail, long distance calls for the models and actors.

We represent many people who never took our classes because they are experienced. If someone wants to be a model or a professional actor, but has no experience, he takes classes to be marketable.

Our people get paid for everything that they do so they must know what to do in this business. Even our students start working and getting paid while they are taking their classes.

We also have those who only want classes for self-esteem. There are several people who wanted to take the classes, couldn’t afford them--so I gave them classes no charge.


We showcase our models and actors at the Model and Talent Expo presented by Mike Beaty. It’s a wonderful way for talent to perform for and personally meet with top agents in the world.

I’ll give you one example: Twin boys, 17 years old went to the Expo a couple of weeks ago. Last week they auditioned for the lead roles for a pilot at CBS in New York. They would not have known about this, or been called back if they hadn’t gone. Of course, I work them here locally.


Many people don’t have a photographer. We tell everyone, “ you can use any photographer you want, we just want good pictures.”

If they ask who’s a good photographer, I ask them to look at our photographer’s book. We provide a photographer because we are a Full Service Agency.

Again, no one is pressured to use our photographer and the agency is not paid anything for their hiring our photographer. We are very selective who we work with. We don’t take everyone. Preparing a person to do his best at his audition or actual booking is not a conflict of interest.

We’re very proud that much of our advertising is word of mouth.


Cathi Larsen, Owner
1675 Montclair Road, Suite 136
Birminhgam, AL 35210

Sent in by Bryan Isaacs who works for the Cathi Larsen Agency.