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Schemes, scams, frauds.

Image Development ( aka Image Development On-Line

February 28, 2005

[Last Updated: February 28, 2006 ]

Subject: Image Development  
I am work in the Los Angeles area and would like to blow the whistle on Image Development On-Line... a total scam.  

They advertise on the internet, in local newspapers, etc... pretending to have actual jobs for talent...   Yet when you attend their interviews, they sell you classes and very overpriced photos.   They charge approximately $400/roll for photo-shoots.  That is $400 for about 36 photos... does not include prints, does not include a make-up artist, etc..   Here is a sample ad they have on craigslist...

Fresh, New, Unsigned Talent

Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2006-02-25, 3:25PM PST

Actors/Actresses and Kids wanted!
Men/Women (20-30ish) Beautiful & character types!
Kids & Teens (4 and up) that are cute, colorful & real. Grandparent types (50+).

Image in connection with N.T.B.R. productions is casting a live action show for kids. All bookings are paid. NO FEES.

If you have already auditioned for us, please don't call again.

Call Image (805) 494-9191 to schedule an appointment for an audition.   ___________________________________________________________  

But it's fake... they have been "casting" this same live action show for kids for about 1 year now... and anyone that meets with them, is told they need to take classes or to shoot with their photographers, which charge $400/roll of film...   They are a total scam.  Please post this on your web-site... it will help clean out the industry.   Thank you.