Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Print Models Network ( PMN aka Models Network aka Laser Lenz by Stephan Valero

April 30, 2005

[Last Updated: September 29, 2005 ]

BBB complaint record (April 30, 2005):

"Complainants allege misrepresentation of services, and unfullfilled contracts. Clients claim they are sent on auditions for work, only until they earn enough to pay the company the advance fee of $350. One complainant claims being paid with vouchers, instead of cash, claiming the vouchers are redeemed by PMN as payment for submission services. Clients complain they do not make enough working to offset the advance fee requirements, or once the company's fees are paid, they do not hear from the company again. Another client alleged the company failed to disclose, or include cancellation rights in their contract. Most complainants request refunds. The company responds to complaints by disputing the complainants' allegations, an[d] denying refund requests. The company contends they have fullfilled their contractural obligations to clients and can verify by office records, that clients were in fact sent on auditions. One complainant was not satisfied with the response, claiming despite what the contract read, the company's sales practices are misleading, and they do not deliver what they promise."

The DLSE made a precedent ruling where submission services are the work of a talent agency. In other words, any company doing sending talent to auditions or submitting their info to casting directors meets the legal definition of a talent agency. Therefore a) it must licensed as a talent agency, and, b) it cannot charge advance fees. If you want your money back, email for more info, i.e., to discuss your options, or DLSE Licensing office contact info, etc.