Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

SAS Studios LLC (Shawn Anthony) ( photography, photographer, comp cards "Modeling Agency" Sean & Sanders Studios California

November 11, 2004

[Last Updated: March 28, 2005 ]



Many have reported that the owner of this "agency" not only claims to be a licensed talent agent, for modeling & acting... but he also charges his clients for photo-shoots and for comp card printing.

There is an "agency" called SAS that claims to be an actual modeling & acting agency but charges for photo-shoots and comp card printing...

Even on their web-site they state this... they state they are an agency, and at the same time advertise their photography and comp card prices.


Check to see if this company has a modeling/talent agency license: (no listing for SAS or Studios or SAS Studios on Nov. 11, 2004).

Note: No modeling agency in California is allowed to operate without a talent agency license and no licensed modeling agency is allowed to collect fees for photography, comp cards, printing, etc. (Labor Code 1700). Severe penalties: 48 hours to return all fees or face judgment by the DLSE (100% refund, 100% penalties, 10% interest).

If you'd like all your money back, email for more info.