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Michael John Wolfe aka Michael Wolfe Photography / Photographer ( (

February 6, 2006

[Last Updated: March 03, 2006 ]

RE: Wolfe Photography

I am Michael-John Wolfe, from Wolfe Photography.

I recently found my business listed as a scam here.  I wanted to respond to any questions you might have about my business.

1. I am NOT affiliated with any Manager, Agent or Printing company when it comes to getting customers.  I get my customers from two places: craigslist and

2.  I have never charged more that $120 for my photography work.  My old rate was $99 and I recently raised my rates.  I never add taxes, fees or additional charges.  If anyone out there disagrees with this comment, feel free to email me to set the record straight. 

3.  When my website packages says "does not include hair and make-up" that doesn't meant that I CHARGE EXTRA for these services.  I simply don't offer them.  All of my past customers have done thier own hair and make-up.  One of my customers did bring his own stylist, that had no connection to me.

4.  I am not the best photographer in town.  In fact, I am probably not even in the top ten.  I never claimed to be.  I tell all of my customers that I am like the "Costco of headshots".  If you want quality shots at a discount price then I am your guy. 

5.  All of my prior customers have left the shoot with thier CD of images.  And 99% of the time when I state 160 shots, the customer ends up leaving with 170 or 180 at no additional charge.

6.  I am an Actor and I was on Bruce Edwin's roster.  (Starpower Entertainment)  I gave him a chance to be my Manager and nothing ever came of it.  I emailed him today and I am removed from his roster.  I never spent one penny with him and I never got one job from him.  So I have no ill-will towards his company.

7.  If you (the poster) think my headshots look amateur.  Then I would like to improve my work.  I consisently read about photography and I have been taking additional lighting classes.  Any input from outsiders on how to better my work would be welcome.

8.  Why do I post in "Talent Gigs"?   Because, I generally book about two satisfied customers per week from my posting in "Talent Gigs".  This income helps me survive and put food on the table without having to bartend until 3 in the morning, like most Actors.  I tried for two months posting in "Services" and I got ZERO responses.  (Compared to my 3-4 responses per week in "Talent Gigs".)  Unfortunately, I need more bookings than that.  So I am sorry that your eyes had to be exposed to one more line of text on craigslist, but sometimes people don't realize that someone's livelyhood depends on those postings.

9. If you can find anyone out there who paid more than $120 (for 1 person) for my services.. I WILL GIVE YOU A FREE HEADSHOT SESSION.  The only time I have charged more is for multiple people.  (i.e. one lady had me shoot both of her daughters and I charged $160.)

10.  Every photo on my website (except one) is unretouched and exactly how I shot it.  Every testamonial I have recieved are quoted exactly from my customer's emails AFTER they shot with me.

11.  I believe in integrity, honest and reliablility.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me.

Best regards,

Michael-John Wolfe