Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Dana Dvorak (Posh Entertainment Group, Beverly Hills)

August 17, 2005

[Last Updated: August 24, 2005 ]

Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005
From: ""
Subject: Dana Dvorak (Posh Entertainment, Beverly Hills)  
August 12, 2005

Dana Dvorak, President
Posh Entertainment Group
9454 Wilshire Blvd, Suite #204
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Dear Ms. Dvorak:

A new web page on you is going to be added to Easy Background Check,
the modeling industry background check website, following a consumer

Recently someone wrote in saying "Dana from 'Posh' used to work for
Glamour Models, Inc. before the DA shut them down."

Asked to confirm this, the source said: "I heard it from a few different
people a while ago..."

A review of your company's BBB record shows makes the claim credible: 1)
your company operates in Beverly Hills like Glamour Models did; 2) you
are selling photography to aspiring models like the Glamour Models photo
mill did; and, 3) the complaints against Posh are similar to the complaints
against Glamour, that you mislead them into thinking you are a talent
agency, and can get them work, like Glamour did, as a pretext for
exploitation by selling expensive photography and comp cards.

"Complainants allege the company misrepresents their services, their
status as a talent agency, or the costs involved. Others allege the
company fails to disclose that there are additional fees for photo

( )

If you have any objection to this claim about your past being made public,
or if you have any objective evidence to prove you did not work with/for
Francesca DeTolomei/Glamour Models Inc., or to consumers being directed
to file complaints with the District Attorney the way they did with Glamour
Models, now would be the time to write.


Easy Background Check.

cc: Mark Lambert, Deputy City Attorney, Los Angeles

Parents' Complaints against Posh Entertainment