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To Whom It May Concern:

Recently I sent in my picture for a website called W.I.S.H. SHOPPING NETWORK, LLC. (

They claimed to be a legitimate organization. They contacted me shortly after sending me a contract via postal mail saying I've been "SELECTED" as one of their professional fashion print models because of my "SUPER LOOK."

They mentioned on the contract that they are a member in good standing of the BBB. They indeed offer many guarantees which, to me, seems too good to be true.

They also want me to pay a one-time service fee of $289 which made my mom very skeptical.

W.I.S.H. claimed not to be a modeling agency, but rather a Worldwide Shopping Network hiring models directly to represent their work.

I would really want to have this opportunity if they are a legitimate organization. After viewing your website with all the warning signs, I am very lost and skeptical; I do not know who I should trust when I'm offered something like this.

Any information you could provide me about this organization as soon as possible would very much be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


It looks as if the most research and information about W.I.S.H. Shopping Network is on a website devoted exclusively to W.I.S.H. (What more could you wish for?)

You and your mother may want to read the letters of people who have experiences with the company.

Excerpt from the home page:

W.I.S.H. Network
Testimonies About the W.I.S.H. Network - Link Below
Before you sign up with this too-good-to-be-true company we thought you should read up a little about them so you choose the right decision. Below you will find many links to what other people have to say about the W.I.S.H. Network so you don't have to take our word from it. If you would like to see one of their past contracts and/or [you are] looking for more information, email us.

Gross and Colleen Gross operate several websites:  Worldwide Internet Shopping Network,, and  They promise that for a fee of $289 they will send you a camera and designer clothes so that you can have pictures taken and then they will post them on a website.  They specifically claim they work with Target, J.C. Penney, and Walmart.  They list the Better Business Bureau as giving them a favorable commendation.

This is patently not true.  The BBB in Pennsylvania (at the time of writing) lists 25 complaints against them.  The camera is a pocket camera worth about $20.  They don't send designer clothes, just junk items like packets of health drinks.  The pictures never appear on any website.

After doing some research, we were able to get my daughter's money back from the credit card company because they agreed that Gross was a [. . .]er.  If you want to gather ammunition against him in order to plead your case with your credit card company, you should do the following:

1. Send back the camera and any items he sent you via certified, return receipt mail.  Demand he return your money.

2. Go to as well as this site and print out the complaints people have made against him.

3. Gross made threats to 'ruin' my daughter with modeling agencies but the legitimate ones will have nothing to do with him so that is an empty threat. However, he tends to be stupid enough to email his threats, so print them out.

4. Send copies of the return receipt showing you sent back his stuff, copies of letters from the websites exposing him, any threatening emails he sends, and type up a nice cover letter to your credit card company explaining why you believe you have been scammed and would they consider reimbursing your money back to your credit card.

My daughter and I did this and it took the credit card company less than a week to follow through and credit the $289 to her account.  Gross can be exposed for who he is and you stand a good chance of getting back your money.

And, file a complaint with the BBB letting them know you were scammed and that part of the reason was his using their organization to lie about his business.

For $289 it is worth the hassle.  If enough credit card companies start to hear about this guy, they will put him on their own lists and he will eventually go out of business.  Of course, a snake like him will just find another rock to crawl out from under but the more of us that follow through on websites like this that are doing the great public service of exposing these folks, the less people he will be able to scam in the future.

My daughter has learned a big lesson and will never again sign up for any modeling gig without checking out their reputation with modelingscams. com.

Thank God for you folks.

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