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Danie Cortese Entertainment (

November 4, 2004

[Last Updated: November 11, 2004 ]

Why do you charge upfront fees and recurring monthly fees?

5. In consideration of Agent's services, Client agrees to pay, by certified cheque or draft made payable to Danie Cortese Entertainment Inc. an administration fee of $53.50/month to remain on the roster. In addition, the Agent shall be entitled to receive the following percentages of all gross earnings received for the Clients services in the following capacities:

Playwright, Screenwriter, Theater : 10%
Actor, Dancer, Host, Singer - tv, film : 15%
Literary Author, Model, Website : 20%.

7. A one time start up cost of $107.00 is required upon signing of this agreement. Several hours will go into preparing and requesting several necessary documents and information and this cost is to be used for that purpose. In other words, the Agents time involved. All monies to be paid in American currency. The initial payment pertaining to the first signing must be in the form of a certified cheque or draft made payable to the full company name.