Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Sidney North Management ( aka Sidney North Entertainment

Model's Question

02/05 - Just curious to know if you have had any complaints regarding Sidney North Management ( I have been contacted by them and would like to get any feedback you may have regarding this company.

> Were you contacted via There's no reason to trust sidney north entertainment. The site is weird, and it's really new (Sept. 2005). It looks home-made, unprofessional. Don't see a business street address, do you? They hide their true location from the whois data. They don't give out enough info for you to trust them. These kinds of operations can start fast and disappear just as quickly.

Yes, I was solicited by them through They seemed a little too eager to work with me considering they have yet to even talk to me and hadn't seen any updated pictures.

> You don't want to make a commitment to or sign a contract with someone you've never spoken with or met face to face.

The pictures on my site are several years old. They did not require any out of pocket money to get started so I was not skeptical at first, but then after I submitted their form on their site basically asking me why I would be a good asset to their talent pool, I was sent a very basic management/talent contract and told to fill it out within 24 hours and send it back.

I wasn't about to give them my ss#, address, and DL# without knowing anything more about the company!


Who is "Sidney North"? Is this a fictional name, a real person, or a dyslexic from Australia?