Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

AMPV Corp ( fka AYBC ( aka Models, Inc. (ModelsInc.Net) aka aka aka ConventionTemps ( aka aka aka CastMark TV and Movie Casting ( aka Aaron Windsor Rothschild

aka Aybc.Com Trade Shows Events Promos & Models Inc


Address: P.O. Box 6136
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-6136
Primary Phone: (866) 438-8000

Fax: (425) 732-0111 Email: Promotion Models
7083 Hollywood Blvd Ste 304
Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 268-0800

Check to see if this agency has a talent agency booking license


AYBC aka is a staffing agency which seems to be all over the map. They use or have used many different domain names or companies some of which are "primary," "auxiliary" or "affiliated," but consistently hosted on servers.

The owner of the 'conglomerate' appears to be Gairik (Gary) Banerjee, described on as a "Hollywood Motion Picture & Television Director, Producer and Promoter." The many companies or domain names including are collectively called "A few Ventures."

AYBC evidently has offices in California, New York, Utah, and Arkansas.

AYBC specializes in low-end, low-income, entry-level "modeling" jobs. They book short jobs for events or trade shows.

AYBC uses AWT (Association of Working Talent) to recruit low-income promoters across America. It appears they contract out their "model searches" to AWT, which roams the country, trolling for promoters. "They go to various areas of the country, recruiting a large inventory of models," AYBC gushes.

Singing the effusive praises of AWT, AYBC issued a "memo" ostensibly reacting to questions asked of AWT which AWT refused to answer. They made a bunch of rude comments in a totally unprofessional manner.

The leadership of AYBC was contacted (June 10, 2004) in response to their public "memo" to thank them for providing info about AWT which AWT refused to provide, inadvertently confirming suspicions, and to find out if they are in compliance with state labor laws requiring agency licensing.

AYBC books models in California ("not just in Anaheim and across California"), so they were asked if they have a California talent agency license.

On one website, AYBC advertised they have a roster of over 10,000 promoters:

If they actually represent over 10,000 promoters, this could make AYBC the largest promotional agency in America, and therefore subject to intense scrutiny. This agency apparently sells or tries to sell comp cards at their