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To Whom It May Concern:

I am trying to find out about Robert Amatruda & Associates and Booking Actors & Models (

They are making a swing though the country having "auditions." I attended the Sept. 28 convention in Dallas, and my daughter has received a call back from them.

I am supposed to meet them tomorrow. On the phone they said that they "very interested" in my daughter, and want us to go to Los Angles to take photos. These photo packages range from $1,000 to $6,000, not to mention having to pay air and hotel in L.A.!!!

Needless to say, this sent up the RED flags and I started investigating. This is how I found your site. Based of the info and cautions I read here and other places, I think you might have helped save me some money.

Nevertheless, I was wondering if you knew anything about them?

Thanks for the informative site.

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Booking Actors and Models ( has an unsatisfactory record at the BBB. The record says they commit fraud.

7030 Hollywood Blvd

We rate this company as having an unsatisfactory business performance record.
Complainants allege verbal misrepresentations are made to prospective clients regarding the company's ability to procure employment, and the likelihood for work in the industry.
Other customers complain that the total costs for services was much higher than the cost originally explained.
Requests for refunds are generally denied.
On February 2, 2002, we verified this company is not licensed as an agency through the Department of Industrial Relations Labor Standards Division.
This means that the company cannot represent, promote, procure, or attempt to procure employment, auditions, or other types of bookings on behalf of clients.
If you have questions about licensing requirements, you may call the Department at 415-703-4846.

It sounds a lot like the BBB record for Options Talent (now known as Trans Continental Talent), which also puts pictures on websites.

The Booking Actors and Models website FAQ had the right question but the wrong answer. They asked: "What are the percentages and success rates of finding jobs on this website?"

Then they answered:

First of all, let us correct one misconception. We can't get you jobs, only you can do that. What we will do is match your profile to every casting that fits your type. Presently, our computer log states that we generate over 1,000 castings-matches per month. That means our mailings include, and our messengers and couriers carry, over 1,000 headshots and/or zed-comp cards to Casting Directors and photographers EVERY month. Success rates are gauged by the following: Availability. Representation (management and/or agency representation). Images (quality of photographs/reproductions [i.e., zeds-comps/headshots]). Experience (tear-sheets and resumes). Dedication. Training (for actors). It should be obvious then that success rates vary widely on each individual. However, you can view who's getting called back on castings by viewing the BAM NEWS link from the home page. The number of models/actors on our web is growing daily - it is now in the hundreds. The more dedicated people we represent the more attractive we become to Casting Directors.

Let us correct one misconception. The internet is not the place to go to get discovered or find work. The published success stories of picture websites leading to modeling careers are few and far between. The place to get discovered is at a modeling agency. Walk in. You don't need a computer, a computer log, or a digital picture. You don't need to pay a cent.

They said: "It should be obvious then that success rates vary widely on each individual." What are they trying to say? They ask for upfront fees but they don't give you their success rate. What is wrong with this picture?

The BAM website spiel and non-answer about their success rate matches exactly what you would expect after reading the BBB record which said Booking Actors and Models creates a misconception: "verbal misrepresentations are made to prospective clients regarding the company's ability to procure employment, and the likelihood for work in the industry."

The pathetic answer to their question is as pathetic as the answer one mother received when she asked the organizers of a modeling convention about their success rate: "It depends what the agencies are looking for."

Redacted Info

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