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ITM (International Talent Management) in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

To Whom It May Concern:

As a witness to many unfortunate scams I am shocked to see that you have yet to cover ITM (International Talent Management).

This "developing/scouting/placement" convention is nothing more than a new way for OTM Models, Axis Models, A-Line Models, Alpha Models, and "The Agency" to reap more money from innocent young kids —and adults —who want to pursue a career in modeling and haven't researched other conventions.

Here is my story...

Out of pure fear from the owner of this company, I submit my experience from an anonymous standpoint.

Mr. R.D. Ecksmith is a well-connected man in the South, and I fear what may happen if my identity is revealed.

I went to the ITM convention and paid my $600 registration to them. Of course I also had to shell out for all my transportation, meals and lodging.

ITM said that the money goes to pay for the event and to the agents who attend.

NOT TRUE. They don't pay the attending agents at all.

I casually mentioned to one of the agents in the lobby during the convention how they must love getting to have a paid trip to scout and leave with a check.

They freaked out when I told them what the models get told.

Doug Hill (the president) tells us models that for each model the agents call back, they get paid.

Wouldn't the agents be calling as many people back as possible?

If you're going to try to explain where my $600 went, at least try to lie a little better.

Before going to see the agents for call backs on Sunday, Doug and his staff made us sign an exclusive Mother Agency contract for "The Agency."

They would not allow us to see the agents unless we signed it. The contract was absolutely ridiculous. It granted The Agency or ITM (same thing) full control of all decisions, dealings and negotiations regarding me as a model.

So if an agent called me back, they had to actually have Doug decide if I can be represented by them.

I wasn't fully aware what the contract meant when I signed it. We didn't have any opportunity to ask.

What I found out after many months was that some agencies did have an interest in me, but Doug's staff never even told me!

They just had me do another photo shoot in Charlotte for $450, saying agents wanted to see more stuff.

It was terrible and I don't understand why I couldn't just go to the agencies that wanted me in the big cities and shoot there —I would have paid my transportation.

Let's face it, I want to model, and if it takes a trip to New York or Los Angeles to even see an agency that even expressed an interest, I'm going!

Doug's staff said that they were developing me, and they thought that it was in my best interest to stay in one city doing OTM promo work for the time being, as well as attend other ITM conventions.

I have yet to work a job for more than $30 a day for OTM, and I have been with them for over two years!

I went to their office at 5500 Executive Drive in Charlotte to see what was up, and to see what kind of operation they were running.

This is what I found out...

OTM and ITM and The Agency are all owned by R.D. (Robert) Ecksmith. The same man responsible for On Track Modeling scams that are publicized everywhere.

Doug Hill is his henchman running the show for The Agency and the IT convention. They trade models back and forth, and have them shell out thousands to either get materials for OTM or the convention.

They are the worst shoots, and if you want to know why, just look for articles dealing with OTM photo shoots on the web.

They're all the same people! I couldn't believe what kind of scam they had going on. It was like seeing all my time and money that I had spent flash before my eyes.

Not to mention their office was a mess, but it looked like they ran a money factory. I saw a circle of money. So many ways to shuffle people along and make a bundle.

1. Models get scouted by OTM.

They shoot and get crappy comp cards. They get promotional work, which is, for instance, wearing daisy dukes and a torn t-shirt, handing out t-shirts, being gawked at by rednecks at a Nascar event.

This is modeling? WTF?!

I don't think in New York and Milan modeling agencies have their models signing people up for credit cards on street corners, handing out t-shirts, and what not.

You know, I don't need to spend $1,000 on a bad photo shoot and comp cards to work at Hooters.

2. OTM suggests the ITM convention where models can "get in front of top agencies and be placed."

How? Just spend $600 and get yourself to the convention. And does this sound familiar...

"You know, you should have another comp card made up. It's been a while and you can use another shoot... Pay us another $200 and we'll shoot you in the lobby of the hotel or in your room."

I'm sure all the agents (nine out of ten have a polaroid camera) really could care less what I look like in front of the hotel instead of in it!

I got ridiculed by agents who said my pictures are absolutely terrible, unprofessional, and I look better in a polaroid on the spot.

3. OTM's and ITM's newest scam offering is their personal website promo.

For $20 a month, I can now have a site that won't be seen and won't even work.

When they prove that their online photo gallery books jobs, let me know, but I won't hold my breath.

Thank you for listening and I hope all will heed the warnings!


P.S. Below are links that might help to reinforce my story. I have proof the owner of ITM is the owner of OTM:

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