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To Whom It May Concern:

I am an experienced model and a huge fan of your site. I have never been scammed because I keep up on things through your site. I've never gotten a scam offer via e-mail before today. This one sent up so many red flags for me that the first thing I did upon receiving this is visit the site to gather more information so I could give you the most info to share with others.

The second thing I'm doing is reporting it to you so you can educate everyone else about it via your site. I'll also be reporting them to OneModelPlace (OMP), as they are using OMP's free service to trying to 'steal' its customers for its own! It's not necessarily illegal, but it's certainly immoral and not the type of business practice I'd want from someone who says they want to rep me.

The name of the company in question is KSMMS Promotion Services, headed by Margaret Weber of Houston, TX. It also goes by the Web site name,

Weber advertises by joining free portfolio sites such as and spamming its members with the following offer (attached as a forward) to get the model work, stating the service is "guaranteed to increase your income by vast amounts."

The service is exactly what you get for free (or nearly free) at places like OMP, ModelMayhem, and, but KSMMS would like you to pay $300 to host your portfolio with them.

Then, on top of that, you're "encouraged" to buy comp cards, photos, zed cards, etc., directly from them. And although the e-mail clearly states that "You do not need to register for our services to be eligible for the calls we have in," you can't view any of the casting calls without registering at the site.

In fact, although they tout a $300 online portfolio, there are only five models listed on their site and each "portfolio" contained one 3"x5" picture that wasn't clickable for a larger, high-res image, even though the company claims in it's e-mail that "Included on your portfolio will be images and graphics, your resume or facts about you and or your business, your direct contact information and stats, and promotional items you currently have for sale."

They'd also like it if you'd help them rip off your friends. For each model you bring to the site, you earn $50. (Gee, so it's a pyramid scheme, too!)

I think that about sums it up. Thank you for your time and patience, and for the fine and useful site you created. I hope that by sharing this with you and OMP relatively early in the scam, many people can avoid be ripped off by these people.

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