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Look International Model and Talent Agency

To Whom It May Concern:

I want to know about Look International Model and Talent Agency. What can you say about this agency?

Hoping for your immediate response.

Thank you and God bless.

Respectfully yours,



For a modeling agency in New York, a fashion and advertising capital, their website is pretty low on advertising.

From a quick look at their website (, you might conclude they have not got any of their models any work.

Where are the tear sheets? I didn't see any. Where are the names of clients? I didn't see any. Why aren't they clearly visible on the home page or easily found from the home page?

Look International has a decent number of online comp cards, pictures with vital statistics, and the type of modeling the model is interested in doing, but are there any records of previous modeling gigs listed?

It looks as if all the model photos were taken by the same photographer.

The info page did not say how long they have been in business. (They have only had the internet domain since August 2000.)

There is a BBB record for Look International. It said: "The Bureau has requested basic information from this company. The Bureau has not received a response."

Did the BBB ask if they had got any models any work?

You need to find out answers to questions the BBB record and the website do not answer.

Have any of their models got work?

If any, how many?

What type of modeling did they get (high-paying, low-paying)?

How much did models pay for photos?

You need to find out if Look International is making its money from photography or modeling. If they are not getting it from work, they must be getting it from somewhere to stay in business.

They call themselves "Look International." Is the "International" there because their models landed work in foreign countries, or because they want to make it look as if they did?

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