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Lorren and Macy's Modeling School & Agency

To Whom It May Concern:

I am 14 years old, and like any other teen I wanted to become a model, too.

I thought I was smart about whom I chose, but it turns out I guess I should have listened to my mom.

One day at my school we had a Career Day, and a woman came and said she was a scout for Lorren and Macy's Modeling School & Agency.

She picked me and a couple of my friends, but not everyone got chosen. I figured it had to be good if she only picked a few.

I paid $300 for classes, and on the first day I also had to pay a $20 registration fee.

After a few classes, she wanted $250 for pictures, and then $95 for composites.

When my mother would ask her about where it was going, or why it cost so much, the women would be really rude and get angry for wondering where we were throwing our money away.

I got on the net and found out that Lorren and Macy's Modeling School & Agency is incorporated with Millie Lewis. Also Lorren and Macy's Modeling School & Agency is going to the MAAI convention, and wants you to pay $2,400!

One person I met in modeling said he has been represented by Lorren and Macy's Modeling School & Agency for two years but has yet to receive one modeling job. He has been to four conventions and has lost more than $10,000.

I clearly suggest not going unless you want to throw away money. It's very unorganized, and I'm very thankful my mother pulled me out before I turned out like my friend.

I would suggest sending pictures to some agents in big cities near you. Why should you pay $2,400 to get agents to see you when you can send them your picture for FREE!?



The BBB record for this company said the Lorren and Macy's Modeling School & Agency management includes the owner of Millie Lewis and AMTC:

Company Management
Additional company management personnel include:
Ms. Carey Arban Owner
Ms. Gail Barry Owner
Ms. Holliday Dorsa Doris Vice President

You said: "Lorren and Macy's Modeling School & Agency is going to the MAAI convention, and wants you to pay $2,400!"

The BBB record also included the leader of the company: "Principal: Ms. Georgette K. Callas MAAI."

So what have we here? Is Ms. Callas the head of or does she work for the MAAI convention? Is that why they want people to spend $2,400 and attend the convention?

In the online "Classified Modeling Listings" for Pageantry Magazine, there was a listing for MAAI which included the contact name of Georgette Callas:

M.A.A.I. America's only not-for-profit modeling association. Our 43rd year.
Bringing new faces and talent to New York City for a model & talent convention
APRIL 19-24, 2003 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel
For information or membership or how to attend, contact:
Betty Lane Gramling at (803) 534-9672
or Georgette Callas at (503) 284-6274
or visit

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