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To Whom It May Concern:

I took my daughter to a model search held by Mike Beaty, Inc., at a local modeling school/agency in our town, just to see what it was all about.

My first concern was that they would go through a place like that to find models and talent.

We were bombarded with comments from these people about how beautiful and natural she was and received A++ in all the phases of the search.

Of course, as the proud mother, I was beside myself until she was invited to Dallas in May, and I found out how much it was going to cost me.

They never made any promises of being selected. They made sure everyone knew they were not an agency. They did, however, tempt us with a packet containing names of top modeling agencies with which everyone is familiar.

My daughter is insistent that she wants to be a model, but what little investigating I've done tells me we should not be paying for anything.

The cost quoted to me was $1,295. That included her training and her actual attendance at the MB Spring Model Expo. Everything else is extra: portfolio, transportation, lodging, meals, etc.

My next problem with the whole organization was that I had less than 24 hours to register.

I went home and immediately searched the internet for any info concerning Mike Beaty and his organization. I could find only his website.

I have not found any negative info about this expo, but, at the same time, I can't find an address for his company, nor do I know where their home office is located.

Does anyone know anything about this organization? I would love some input and advice.




Beaty's opinion is irrelevant. If he's not an agent, what he says is not important. Who cares if he gives A++ for your daughter. If the screening system doesn't get A++, you can lose a lot of money. If they don't submit your daughter's picture(s) to agents who will attend this expo (modeling convention) before you pay, and before the convention, the screening is F——-.

Furthermore, you should not pay for a portfolio until your daughter has signed with an agency. Most experts or agencies advise against it because it is usually a waste of money. The agency has to use the portfolio for promotion, and therefore they have to approve the portfolio. First they would probably want to approve of the photographer.

Conventions and their related model searches typically get girls all excited and want instant payments (deposits). You don't need that. It puts parents on the defensive immediately. Instead of having to find a reason why you should pay, you feel as if you need to find a reason why you should not pay.

You expressed suspicion about where they were scouting: "My first concern was that they would go through a place like that to find models and talent."

Based on history, i.e. most modeling school students never become professional models, it is a good reason to be suspicious.

The reason for scouting at schools is probably because modeling school students are "hot leads"; they already know these teens or their parents have money and are prepared to pay.

You will find that modeling schools, modeling conventions and modeling photographers too often work together. They love upfront fees!

Never found a BBB record for Mike Beaty Expo, but it wouldn't matter if they don't screen potential models using the ethical and logical industry standard.

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