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Several states are suing National Travel Services Inc. and Ramada Plaza Resorts, both of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., their owners, and Robin Leach, who pitched their vacation offer.

The suit alleges that the companies used Leach's "celebrity endorsement" to convince consumers they had won, or were entitled to, a luxury Florida vacation and cruise to the Bahamas.

After paying you'd receive a video hosted by Leach in which he repeatedly described the vacation as "world class" and "an experience you'll never forget." You'd also receive travel certificates featuring Leach's picture and the message: Robin Leach says, "Pack Your Bags!"

As a condition of the trip, the certificates failed to disclose that you were required to attend lengthy timeshare presentations lasting up to five hours and pay sizable expenses and "port fees" to the promoters.

You would eventually find out that you had won only a chance to pay as much as $1,000 for a seven-day Florida vacation in substandard accommodations and a bonus Bahamas' cruise which was actually a one-day ferry ride and a game of "Las Vegas style" bingo.

There was nothing free or fabulous about these dream travel packages. This was a trip to nowhere that you'll try to forget, but can't.

Canadians continue to receive "special deal" offers for a $1600 voucher towards an all-inclusive, first-class Caribbean holiday from Ramada Plaza Resorts ( despite over 665 registered complaints at PhoneBusters regarding their practice of immediately charging $2500 to callers' credit cards after asking for a down-payment. Insisting that the packages are non-refundable, company reps feel that because written scripts are used there is no possibility of abuse or misunderstanding.

I don't presently have the time to ascertain how this spammed offer operates.


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Lisa Davidson
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