Modeling Scams


Reputable Modeling Agency in Cleveland, Ohio
"Boy, you just don't realize the amount of scams out there —well, I guess you do or you would not have this site."—Mother

How to Launch a Modeling/Talent Career
"You need to go to NEW YORK or LOS ANGELES and hit every agency you can find." —Unknown

Modeling Agency Commission Rates
"What is the going agency commission rate for print models in San Francisco?" —Model

Modeling Photography and Convention Prices
"We don't believe in modeling schools because they are a complete scam." —President of modeling and talent agency

Model Search America, John Casablancas Modeling School, and
"I agree that MSA is just doing the whole convention for money." —Model

Internet Modeling Scams
"She also promotes via a web portfolio. It costs $150 to post his portfolio on the site..." —Mother

"I think it is the lack of your education or ignorance in this industry that led to the events that made you have a bad experience and very unhappy." —Mother

"I was approached by a modeling agency here in NY. I'm trying to become a model, but I'm not sure if the person with whom I spoke is legit or not." —Aspiring Model

Location, Location, Location
"I have had several different agencies contact me in other cities, but really, they are too far for me to work with." —Aspiring Model

"I recently took my three daughters to our first open call. It was very interesting and encouraging, especially since two of them got call backs." —Mother

Model Scout
"Is there any model scouting company out there that is not a scam? Can you please tell me who they are?" —Aspiring Model Scout

Model Service
"I am writing to ask for your advice, and the advice of the readers of the website. I have been a model for about four years." —International Model

In the Right Place at the Right Time
"I am in NYC. What the out-of-towners don't realize is that in commercials you may have a go-see/audition and then the next week a call back. And a week after that another call back. The out-of-towner would have to fly in to NYC three times and there is still no guarantee of a booking." —Actor

Photos for Kids
"My daughter is two years old. I called a local agency and my daughter and I went in for a consultation. They had me bring a couple snapshots of her." —Mother

Modeling Contract from Hell
"The agency told my daughter that if she signed a three-year exclusive contract, they would help her find an apartment in New York; they told her she could stay in their model apartment. They also said they would pay for half the cost of the pictures and comp cards. She reluctantly signed the contract." —Mother

Modeling Photography
"I am not a photographer who is in any way connected to an agency or talent manager. I am, however, a hard working commercial photographer, with a sizable investment in my business and equipment, who is willing to take a fresh new face, someone who, perhaps, has never even been in a photographic studio before, and with no previous modelling experience and do some photos for them which, with a professional touch and some guidance, can IMPROVE their chances of being offered an interview with reputable agents." —Photographer

New York Modeling Agency Lawsuit
"What would happen, if the plaintiffs win and the win is upheld on appeal, is every one of the defendant corporations would file for bankruptcy and pay nothing in damages." —Agent

Modeling Photography and Modeling Schools
"I'm not a supermodel but I made 50K last year working as a commercial print model and actor. Working in a local market is very different from working for Ford Models. Yeah, they pick up the bill, but you'll be making millions for them." —Model, Actress, and Photographer

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