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BREAKING NEWS (June 6, 2005)
Attorney General Closes Down Modeling Agency Photo Mill Scam
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"The agency must also pay back approximately $135,000 in refund[s] to its estimated 512 customers in North Carolina and other states." Call (919) 716-6000 for Refund. "The amount of the refund depends on the number of people who file a claim. All claims must be filed within 60 days."

BBB Record

"What many of these agencies are looking to do is take your money by creating a photo portfolio that they say is going to make you a model, and it just doesn't happen." —Doug Broten, president of the San Joaquin Valley BBB.

Face National Accused of Fraud by The Memphis Flyer

"What these people do is travel across the country, stay in fancy hotel rooms, advertise, and get a bunch of people excited, and take their money up front." —Libby Stone, President of the Professional Modeling Guild of North Carolina

NY State Issues Warning

"An upcoming "audition" by a North Carolina modeling agency may lead young people or their parents to unnecessarily spend as much as $600 for photographs, the Consumer Protection Board ("CPB") warned today."

Models Beware by The Bakersfield Channel

"Mother and daughter told KERO 23 News that they were taken in by Face National Models and Talent, of North Carolina. The company says parents are not required to buy the $600 photo shoot the company sells. But most of the "new" models do, KERO reported."

Misleading Model by Fox 40 News

"Face asks that young people bring 72 different pictures of themselves or buy a 500 dollar photography package and sign a contract. Over the past three years 59 people filed complaints against Face with the Better Business Bureau who gives the company an unsatisfacory rating."

Investigation Reveals Some Modeling Agencies More Up Front Than Others by NBC 6 News

"We would have to do a photo shoot and all together it is broken down into three different payments is $596," said a representative for Face National Models and Talent. The company owner Jennifer Gill refused an interview on camera, but says good looks are not crucial in promotional modeling."

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BBB Record for Face National

NY State Issues Warning about Face

Misleading Model by Fox 40 News

Investigation Reveals Some Modeling Agencies More Up Front Than Others by NBC 6 News


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