Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Car Dealer Scams by Automobile Salesmen

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Are you tired of getting ripped off, beat up and thrown to the wolves every time you go car shopping? Do the car buying scams that take place at auto dealers make your blood boil?

Let me give you a quick overview of some of the things you will learn in my ebook,

Car Buying Scams, Auto Dealer Executive "Breaks Code of Silence!"

blue bullet point The fastest & easiest way to purchase an automobile (This one step is worth 10x the price of the ebook)!
blue bullet point How to purchase an automobile at the dealership without going thru a salesman! (The general public does not know about this guy but he'll gladly save you thousands. No, it is not a Broker or some guy on the Internet) pg 5
blue bullet point Learn two simple words that will have your car salesman shaking in his boots and eating out of your hand! pg 61
blue bullet point What exactly goes on between the salesperson & sales manager behind the closed office door! (Hint: They're not discussing how to give you the best deal possible. It's the opposite and more) pg 29
blue bullet point Learn the 5 simple steps you must take before you ever step foot onto a car dealers lot! (Not taking these 5 steps is like committing car buying suicide) pg 23-24
blue bullet point Every psychological trick used in car dealers (everything from the way furniture is laid out to every mind trick they utilize to get your money)!
blue bullet point Why the dealer won’t just let you negotiate directly with the Sales Manager! (This is what your psychology teacher never taught you. Car dealers master it...Don't be a victim to it) pg 42
blue bullet point Find out what a packed payment means and what to do about it! (Packed payments are one of auto dealers secret weapons)
blue bullet point What exact techniques every salesperson is taught in order to manipulate you and “Extract every dollar possible out of your checkbook!” Without knowing these techniques, you're like a lamb being led to the financial slaughter)
blue bullet point Every answer you need to tell the salesperson, for every question they are going to ask you!
blue bullet point How car salesman are actually trained to “set you up”and plant all their little seeds into your mind!
blue bullet point How car dealers are set up to collect millions of dollars in hidden fees! Fees you never knew existed! (If you can't spot and stop hidden fees you might as well just hand them a blank check) pg 84
blue bullet point How car dealers rip off and gouge their own employees! pg 83
blue bullet point Learn the secret word-tracks that the car salesperson uses to get you to purchase the car and put lot’s of money in his pocket!
blue bullet point How to get out of a contract if you already bought the car and have taken delivery of it! (You don't need a lawyer but you must know this crucial and simple technique) pg 13
blue bullet point How to protect yourself against “buyer’s remorse”! (Wake up and don't want the car? There is only one way to get out of the deal) pg 13
blue bullet point Learn exactly what you should be telling your salesperson at every step of the process!
blue bullet point Why you never want to buy a car when the dealer has a “huge blow-out sale to the public!” (Learn the real meaning of the word "Sale" according to car dealers) pg 43
blue bullet point The one thing you must do to your vehicle before you trade it in. It could save you thousands! (9 out of 10 people don't do this) pg 16
blue bullet point The one and only way to negotiate for an automobile! (Learn this and your car shopping experience will be stress free)
blue bullet point The one fatal mistake most every car buyer makes that cost them thousands of dollars! (This is the first step in car shopping yet most consumers don't do it) pg 24
blue bullet point The secret of why you won’t see books like mine being advertised on radio, TV and most print advertisements!
blue bullet point How to take control of the car buying process instead of being controlled!
blue bullet point What dangers await you if the dealer does not pay off your trade vehicle! What does the law say and what you can do to protect yourself! (This happens after the sale. Miss this and your credit could be ruined) pg 21

Buy the e-book which explains it all.Car Buying Scams