Crimes of Persuasion:

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Lottery Scam

Nigerian Lottery Scam Victims

01/06 - (AP) Police said Monday they are investigating two men suspected of participating in an international online fraud ring that netted at least US$3.6 million (euro2.98 million) last year.

The two suspects -- only identified as a Greek and a Nigerian national -- allegedly sent e-mails to potential victims announcing they had won large sums in an international lottery draw, but would have to pay tax in advance to receive their winnings.

The gang allegedly pocketed the supposed tax payments and severed contact with their victims.

Police said the two suspects -- who have not been arrested -- made at least US$3.6 million (euro2.98 million) between March and August last year from victims in Greece and abroad.

Nigerian Lottery Scammers Arrested

07/08 - A South African and his Nigerian co-accused have been jailed for 15 years each over the so-called 419 scam.

Jabu Nkabinde, 33, and Olusegun Justus Davies, 35, opened a bank account using a dead man's identity and then defrauded four people with the 419 scam.

They also defrauded another bank.

The men told their victims they had won £2-million (R30,5-million) in a UK lottery, which they would receive on paying "administration fees" into a fraudulent account.

Nkabinde and Davies were found guilty on six charges of fraud by the Pretoria specialised commercial crimes court.

They opened a bank account at Absa in 2005 in the name of Mthandazile Bhudane, and sent out e-mails to unsuspecting victims informing them they had won a "6 Ball Lotto Game" competition in the UK.

However, a "handling and administration fee" of £4 550 was required to process payment of the winnings.

The money was to be deposited into the bank account of M Bhudane, the "region agent" of the "6 Ball Lotto Game" in South Africa.

From January to August 2005, Pieter Strydom, Charles du Preez, Elshna Toolse and Louis le Roux-Ferreira were led to believe they had won a fortune.

When they asked for proof that this wasn't a scam, they received certificates and faxes to "confirm" their winnings.

They all deposited between R52 097 and R53 872, depending on the exchange rate, into the bank account.

But they never received their millions.

In addition, the two men used their account to obtain a bond of R320 000 for a house from another bank.

Nkabinde went into the bank in August 2005 to withdraw money from the account, arousing the suspicions of the teller, who notified the police.

A few days later Davies was arrested in the house bought with the bond they'd obtained.

Sentencing the men, magistrate Jakkie Wessels took into account that both were in jail awaiting trial for more than two years.

Nkabinde had enrolled for programmes in prison, indicating that he wanted to change.

Davies was in South Africa on a temporary asylum-seeking permit.

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