Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Recommended Resources for Scams and Fraud Info

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Internet Based Crime and Hoax Links

Cyber Criminals Most Wanted

Risk Digest Computer Risks to the Public

CKnow - Computer security and virus info

Pyramid Scheme Awareness Sites

WorldWideScam A quirky but detailed look at actual pyramid schemes operating now.

MLM Watch Multi-level marketing related.

VictimsAgainstScams Forum on scam awareness and prevention.

Pyramid Scheme Alert

Consumer Protection and Awareness Links

National Fraud Information Center

National Consumers League

ConsumerWorld Excellent source of varied consumer information.

Trading Standards Institute U.K. based consumer protection info.

Consumer Affairs - good site

Seniors Against Investment Fraud (SAIF) Program - alerts Californians over age 50 about investment and telemarketing fraud. For information on the program or about a suspected fraud, call 1-866-275-2677.

Information Links

Next Web Security -- Fighting 419 advance fee fraud with technology.

AllSleuths Directory of manually reviewed private investigator and personal safety resources.

Quatloos - excellent site focusing on offshore, high yield and Nigerian scams.

Frauds and Scams - former fraud task force member provides his insights.

419 Coalition - original private resource on Nigerian scams.


U.S. Most Wanted Criminals


CBintel - Fraud investigation services.

Gordon Pape - Canadian author of investment advice.

Goodmoney - Info on ethical investments.

Financial Scandals (Exeter University) Links page

Quackwatch Medical scams.


FinanceReference- Financial information for the visually impaired.

International Trade Web Resources


Safe from Scams in the UK - general warnings on a multitude of scams

SpamWatch_AU - intended mainly for Australians.

Swindles - News links to fraud events.

ClassActionAmerica - Informative site listing various class actions with basic free and detailed membership only information. Covers not only product related suits but stocks, credit and cramming related ones as well.

RipOffReport - Complaint driven site allows name searches. Great current scam resource.

Export Michigan Internet fraud info relating to exporting.

Regulatory Intelligence Agency - a new international resource for police, government agencies, consumer and investor protection officials and financial regulators. It provides names and Wanted posters of individuals involved in fraud, scams, insider dealing, money laundering, insider trading, financial crime and regulatory financial offences.

White Collar Crime Research - National Criminal Justice Resources

World Justice Information Network - Community of over 8,000 users made up of criminal justice professionals from around the world, 5,000 online documents cataloged and indexed in channels, and over half a million documents related to international criminal justice.

MSU Criminal Justice Links

FraudWeb - U.K. based corporate fraud info - Law professor and SEC official - Australian based info source. - Business consultant / speaker site. - Portuguese language site dealing with fraud information.

Corporate Scandals and Business Scams - variety of articles on corporation fraud

Online Criminal Justice Degrees - criminal justice degree information and subject resources.

Fraud Organizations

Association of Certified Fraud Investigators of Canada - professional body which provides accreditation and training. A national forum and fostering arena for forensic professionals with expertise in fraud prevention, detection and investigation.

Professionals Against Confidence Crime

Professionals Against Confidence Crime is a non-profit, non-political, non partisan organization whose aim and intent is to (1) establish a network of law enforcement and business professionals who are involved in, and are responsible for, the investigation and prevention of frauds and confidence crimes, and transient criminal group activities, (2) promote cooperation and information exchange among law enforcement and associate members, (3)provide members with the knowledge and techniques necessary to the effective reduction and/or prevention of frauds, confidence crimes, and transient criminal group activities, and (4) create and promote social, economic and educational policies which are in keeping with the best interests of law enforcement professionals, business professionals, and private citizens alike.

Our present membership includes police investigators, lawyers, doctors, judges, district attorneys, crime authors, academicians, police chiefs, insurance fraud investigators, federal agents, consumer protection advocates, and others who realize the scope of the fraud problem, and who have shown an interest in donating their time to combat such crimes.

The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.

Government Links

UK Serious Financial Crimes Unit

Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad - New Scotland Yard

U. K. Financial Services Authority

Source Material