June 12, 2005

[Last Updated: June 26, 2005 ]

Micheal Maddison Agency aka Moda Model Management Agency aka Moda Models in Dallas (www.www.modamodels.us) Malek Madison (www.malekfoto.com)

On another internet board, a model posted (Posted: Sep 20 2004, 05:04 PM):

"Has anyone heard of a Micheal Maddison Agency, reportedly of Richardson, TX? I received an email from them via Aquamatrix site inquiring about the kids for 'building' their children's division. The email listed their license and I did look it up and verify it but cannot find any other reference to this agency."

The response (Posted: Sep 20 2004, 08:01 PM) was:

"As you know, there [sic] State Talent ID is # 395. They appear to be working
in conjuntion with Aqua Matix on One or Two Projects; however, Im
unsure about this.

A few months ago, we had "Scouts" here in Dallas (not a good sign) claiming
they represented Maddison and was contacting us to setup an appointment,
as Atavia was being considered for a local print assignment. It may be
noted also, they contacted us thru are Aqua Matix E-Mail Address on this
as well. We contacted them(the scouts) by phone and requested detailed
information...they never responded."

Unsolicited comments received June 12, 2005 referred to the Moda Models talent agency. A check on the TX talent agency license database provided the following info:

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
Result Listing

Name and Location Other Information

License #: TALAGY00000395
Expiration Date: 05/27/2006
Type: N/A
Phone: (214) 995-2539


The talent agency ID for Moda Model in Dallas is license #395. This information appears to indicate Micheal Maddison Agency is the dba name for Moda Model Inc.

A month later, the Austin Models and Talent Board included the following post (Posted: Oct 25 2004, 03:02 PM):

"Just a word of warning here....I was contacted thru Aqua Matrix by a "Michael Maddison Agency" about whether the kids had representation. I replied they did, followed by questions as to how much work they were getting etc. Anyway when I responded that if he was asking if I was happy with their representation, that I was, he responded back that if I was interested in a good photographer to contact......www.malekfoto.com. On the 'contact us' of this site it lists the same email address that the initial contact from the "Michael Maddison" agency email....so I would say they are one and the same. Seems to be a bit of a 'conflict of interest' here?"

A review of the Whois database for malekfoto.com shows it is registered to . . . urdreams@michealmaddison.com at 405 south waterview dr, Richarson, TX 75080.

An online ad on modelingpage.com:

      Jul-31  David- "modeling jobs"
      I am a scout for "La Agencia Da Micheal Maddison" Agency. We are Model
and Talent Agency in down town Dallas that has been around since 2001. Our
models have worked for DKNY, Toni & Guy, Guess, Armani, major movies and
have been in national commercials. We are now focusing on a new market that
we believe you may be successful in. If you are still interested in
Modeling, please contact our Executive Director Myriam Guerrero 214-565-0884

The phone number 214-565-0884 is the same phone number on



The phone number (214) 995-2539 from the TDLR talent agency database for (see above) was


Moda advertised an internship program at an internship ad site:

            Home > Search Internships > Detail

     Internship Detail

            TX-Dallas - PR & Marketing Intern-Assistant

                  Company: MODA MODELS
                  Category: Advertising & Public Relations


                  MODA MODELS is a new agency based out of Dallas, TX. We
are a multicultural agency that provides talent for commercial print,
editorial, fashion runway, and promotions. MODA MODELS's philosophy is to
nurture, direct and guide aspiring models to become the best they can be. We
provide our talent with personalized atmosphere that fosters a sense of
teamwork. For talent that is serious minded and committed, we will offer in
return the same commitment. We treat out talent with respect and work
extremely hard in preparing out talent to compete among the best.

Responsibilities: Intern/Assistant will be responsible for assisting the
Talent Director. Intern will assist in coordinating open calls, Image
Consultation Events, fashion shows, model management and following up with
business partners and models. Requirements: Intern must be a junior or
senior in college majoring in Marketing, or PR. Intern must have a strong
personality to put up with models. Must be a self motivated, reliable,
responsible and flexible. Intern could receive a stipend at the end of the
internship. Intern will also receive perks from our business partners such
as salons, clubs, ect. Intern will also have the opportunity to meet top
leading people in the industry. If interested please e-mail your cover
letter and resume to michelle@modamodels.us
                  Deadline: 5/27/2005


            Michelle Sanchez
            1409 S. Lamar #453
            Dallas, TX 75215

            Phone: 214-995-2539
            E-Mail: michelle@modamodels.us
            Updated: 5/10/2005 9:24:53 AM

Previously, a similar ad appeared at the same website for internship programs with the exact same business address:

           Home > Search Internships > Detail

     Internship Detail

            TX-Dallas - Internship

                  Company: Micheal Maddison Children's Fund
                  Category: Non Profit/Community Service


                  Micheal Maddison Children's Fund is looking for people
with flexible schedule to help with our First annual World AIDS Day event.
We are a non-profit that provides for children scarred by HIV/AIDS around
the world. For more information on who we are and what we do, please visit:
www.mmcfund.org Contact: 214-565-0884
                  Deadline: 11/27/2004


            1409 south Lamar
            Suite 453
            Dallas , TX 75215

            Phone: 214 565 0884
            Fax: 21
            E-Mail: urdreams@michealmaddison.com
            Updated: 11/3/2004 10:11:43 AM

            View All Micheal Maddison Children's Fund Internship Listings

Moda Models was also advertising a model scout position, but when you clicked on the Moda link, it includes the name of another company:

            Home > Search Internships > Company


            Welcome to Viva Talent Agency, based out of Dallas, TX. We are a
multicultural agency that provides talent for commercial print, editorial
print, broadcast, fashion runway, Hispanic and promotions. Viva Talent's
philosophy is to nurture, direct, and guide aspiring models and actors to
become the best they can be. We provide our talent with personalized
atmosphere that fosters a sense of teamwork. For talent that is serious
minded & commited, we will offer the same kind of committment in return in
order to progress their professional growth. We treat our talent with
respect and work extremely hard in preparing our talent to be among the
best. Viva Talent is an agency that provides talent for purposes of
marketing, entertainment and communication. The agency finds, trains, and
nurtures professionals to work with Broadcasting, Marketing, Advertising,
and Promotion companies. Agency high standards and professional development
provide industry professionals with a source of talent for their marketing
or entertainment projects. Mission Viva Talent is committed to raising the
bar constantly by discovering and nurturing exceptionally talented
individuals to become the finest professionals in the industry.

                   Location  Internship Title  Category
                  TX - Dallas TALENT SCOUT Sales-Outside


The phone number at www.malekfoto.com (214-682-1949) matches the phone number on an ad for Maddison Photography (note uncommon spelling of "Maddison," two 'd's, in Dallas:

Email Addresses: info@malekfoto.com | malek@malekfoto.com
Phone Number: 214-682-1949

© 1998-2004 Malek Photography, Inc. All rights reserved.

      Pricescope Directories

      Wedding Supplies and Services » TX » Dallas » Wedding Supplies &

        A Maddison Photography
        a.. Dallas
        TX 75250
        b.. Phone: (214) 682-1949


Based on the above information, there appears to be a very strong link between Moda Models fka Micheal Maddison Agency and Maddison Photography nka Malek Photography.


June 12, 2005

[Last Updated: June 26, 2005 ]

Moda Model Management Agency aka Moda Models in Dallas (www.www.modamodels.us) Malek Madison (www.malekfoto.com)

Moda Model Management Agency
1409 S. Lamar, 1st Floor Lobby
Dallas, TX

Agency Name:  Moda Models

Market:  Dallas

Texas Lisc. None (none pending according to Austin Department of records)

Start Date:  April 2005

Violation:  Charging new talent high "setup" fees for signing on to agency and using their own in house photographer for all the talents "portfolio needs." This agency started less then two months ago under the name MODA Models http://www.modamodels.us.  

They are going to large events, mostly concerts through out Dallas, and collecting information from "potential talent" usually in the several hundreds at one time.

Then throughout the week they are scheduling "casting calls" at their offices at South Side Lofts, http://www.southsideonlamar.com/  

The founder is a photographer by the name of Malek Madison, his website is:  http://www.malekfoto.com.

As you will see the addresses correspond with each other from the "agency" and the lofts, it's the address where the photographer lives.

Once they schedule talent for the casting calls the put the talent through an interview process from a very attractive "former" model that builds credibility for the agency and establishes that she/he knows the industry and their potential.

They then proceed to tell the talent they have potential and they have a "great presence." They later call the talent to confirm their interest and tell the talent they they would like to "sign" talent on a certain day.

They designate days for "signings" and get as many people to sign on the talent agency for a "Registration Fee" of $500 which includes full setup, pictures, comp cards, etc.  They do this because they have an "in-house" photographer which is Malek but this agency has no clients to get the talent work.

They are using a systematic approach in accomplishing new signees, they have Recruiters (they go out to events and collect information),  Telemarrketers (1 to 2 people that call new talent to schedule for casting), The Agent (former model that explains talents potential), Closer/New Faces Director (Person in agency that closes signing and collects money).

Most of the people involved are college interns that don't understand how the industry works, so they believe they are interning with a legit Talent Agency, they are working hard and no (or very low) cost for the opportunity to work with this new "upcoming" agency.

They are using pressure tactics and sense of urgency to get people to "sign on" because spots are limited being that they are new agency, it's a once in a "lifetime opportunity," so people sign up so they don't loose the opportunity to be part of this new "upcoming agency."

They are also requesting that talent pay cash and I believe even might be giving a discounted rates for cash.



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