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Schemes, scams, frauds.

HORUS Services Inc.

The Website Sales Pitch

Bank Deposits earn 5%,
Some GIC's can earn up to 10%,
Some Mutual Funds earn up to 15%,
Our Clients earn a Minimum of 100%

With our executive offices located in Nassau, Bahamas and representatives strategically located near you, “HORUS”® is positioned to optimize your investment income. Through our association with Horus (Bank) we can provide instant electronic access to your account, complete privacy, confidentiality and security in a strictly enforced tax-free community.

Our entry program is designed to bring financial Freedom within a six-month period. As a member of the HORUS family, you will be empowered through in-depth training on international Financing, investment strategies, and up-to-date electronic commerce. Subsequent program options include conservative and rapid return on investment capital to position you as the principal of a Global Foundation.

A local agent is ready to meet with you and is prepared to design a personal plan that will more than exceed your expectations. HORUS guarantees a return that will exceed 100%. Minimum investment is required. International contract, substantial insurance policies, promissory notes and personal guarantees secure all investments. To arrange an agent appointment, please call (604) 502-9094, or

Your Investment should buy your Dreams. Will Yours? . . .

HORUS Services Inc, offers a direct opportunity for anyone to realize a minimum of a 500% return on investment with a minimum investing of $2000 USD.

How can you take advantage of this offer?

Complete and sign all the forms required by HORUS Services to initiate your investment account.

Obtain a personal letter of reference from someone who has known you for more than 1 year to affirm that you are of "good character", addressed "To whom it may concern".

Obtain a letter of reference from your bank affirming your association with the bank and that you have a good record with that bank. This letter should be addressed to HORUS Services Inc.

Obtain a bank draft in your name for the amount of your investment, minimum is $2000USD

Obtain a photocopy of your passport or drivers’ license (must have Photo).

Send all the above documents by registered mail or courier to :

HORUS Service Inc., P.O. Box N-10697, Nassau, Bahamas

Upon receipt and approval of your documentation, an account will be opened in your name and you will be given the ability to monitor the performance of your investment until maturity.

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Their Prime Bank Story

For more than 80 years, the "ultra wealthy" and "well connected" have enjoyed exclusivity to the means of creating wealth.

Through a privileged and confidential position in international financial trading, HORUS Services Inc. is able to generate a substantial return on pooled funds deposited in a private licensed bank located in Nassau, Bahamas.

While 80% of the worlds money is circulated, traded and dealt through stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, real estate investments, RRSP’s/IRA’s, savings accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, etc. 20% of the worlds money is moved through trading with entities associated with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which facilitates funding for world governments and international corporations.

HORUS Services Inc. has been sanctioned to deal in this financial arena which provides tangible leverage in a secure tax-free environment with emphasis on privacy and confidentiality.

A minimal placement is required to activate a program which is then pooled to effect a trading strategy with interest rates that range from 500% to 1800% daily. This is achieved through acquisition of Certificates of Deposit (CD’s) that are traded, leased or leveraged on a daily basis. In some instances, CD’s are actively traded up to 5 times (and more) every day.

All initial placements are backed by a 100% guarantee and insured by a policy held with Lloyds of London.

Holding the pooled deposits for international trading purposes, HORUS Services administers the account until the placement term concludes. Generally the interval will be either weekly or monthly and the period will be 24 or 52 weeks.

The IMF has also supports foundations that are focused on humanitarian and ecological programs. A major foundation of this nature is the beneficiary of transactions made by HORUS Services Inc., enabling the foundation to contribute positively worldwide.

Convincing Consultants

Seeking to avoid securities regulations they stress to their consultants that they should never solicit funds for investment or deposit. It is imperative that the client initiates the request to make a deposit after the consultant merely provides them with an opportunity to participate in a private placement program.

Their consultants present this " opportunity for financial freedom and sovereignty" to anyone who wishes to " take the necessary steps needed to make their dreams progress to reality" through the concept of establishing a secure and confidential offshore investment that enables them to gain financial independence.

Avoiding even the word investment they must indicate to the client that the decision is theirs alone. By opening a door it remains their choice as to whether they choose to step through it. After establishing the client's desires they convince them that this unbelievable offer is both good and true.

To get the finer details you mustfirst complete and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Consultants are paid a 20% commission on the initial placement by the client but as an incentive to promote it are also given a maximum percentage figure that the client could get at maturity by Horus but they can tell the client any figure below this and supposedly keep the balance.

Their Word is Their Bond

They personally guarantee to pay your returns and provide a promissory note for 100% of the initial placement or deposit which is blocked for the period specified. An account will be opened in Horus Investments (Bank) for the purpose of receiving the profit.

Even though you are asked to send them a US funds international money order or bank draft you must swear that your money is "clear unencumbered funds" and does not come from illegal sources.

As recently as January 4, 2002 the Bank of America had two requests come through Corporate Services to wire transfer funds to HORUS which still claims to optimize investment income in a direct opportunity for anyone to realize a minimum of a 500% return on a minimum investment of $2000 USD.

Round One

Upon maturity of the initial placement you agree to create an International Business Corporation (IBC) using their services. Using the three names you indicated on your non-disclosure form they create the IBC and the differential funds that were not placed in another program are to be placed into an account at Horus Investment Bank.

You are to gain full access to your account through a number of services such as a debit card, credit card and/or Euro checking account.

At this stage you must also enroll in the GII level of an educational program offered through Horus Services Inc. or another designated educational provider. Currently, they use the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP).

Note: For more on the Institute for Global Prosperity visit their site (

You are strongly encouraged to restart another placement program though once again they limit the maximum capital gain possible to $800,000,000USD.