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Pyramid Cash Online Pyramid Scheme

One U.K. based internet pyramid gifting scheme at is a professionally designed website which professes to be acting within the law there. The following are excerpts which explain their system which facilitates the pyramid for payment of one portion of the paid out gift each cycle, or 12.5% of all revenue collected, assuming they do not secretly participate.

As you have no idea of who is participating, due to confidentiality, you would be unable to tell whether they are stacking the deck in their favour.

Pyramid Cash is the money-making Gift Venture in which you the participant can receive a seven-fold cash increase on any Gift you pledge. That's right. Put in £10 and get £70 out, put in £100 and get £700 out. Even put in £1000 in and get £7000 out. Amazing!

The venture is tailored to suit every pocket so anyone and everyone can benefit. No matter what your Gift, our venture means you can receive a sum exactly seven times greater than your original pledge. There are five Gift levels to choose from; £10, £50, £100, £500 or £1000.

Joining is simple. Just choose a Gift level and then make your pledge.

But how does it work?

You'll be amazed how simple but brilliant our Venture is. Let's take the £1000 venture as an example.

1. The first person makes a Gift of £1000 and starts the '£1000 Pyramid'. They fill in the simple on-line form and send in their Gift in the form of cash, cheque or even a postal order.

2. More people arrive at the web site and join the Venture by making their Gift of £1000. They are arranged below the first person in the shape of a pyramid ( - that's where the name comes from) in the order in which they joined. You do not need to find these people - you can just sit back and wait for other people to join. Of course, the more people you introduce, the more people can benefit and the quicker people will leave the venture with a seven-fold cash increase.

3. All our Ventures work on a 'four-tier' basis. That means it only takes four levels to be filled before the first person's 'Pyramid' is complete.

4. As soon as tier 4 is filled the person at the head of the Pyramid receives their Gifts.

5. The Gifts received by Person-1 are allocated as follows. The eight people who have joined to fill tier 4 have made eight Gifts of £1000. Seven of these gifts are given to Person-1, the eighth is kept by Pyramid Cash to cover operating costs for the Venture.

6. Person-1 takes the £7000 (seven Gifts of £1000) and leaves the Pyramid. Now Person-2 and Person-3 each automatically find themselves at the head of a new Pyramid. Only eight new people need to join each new Pyramid before Person-2 and Person-3 receive their £7000 Gifts.

And there you have it. Simple. As you can see, it only ever takes eight new people to donate to a Venture before the next person in line receives their Gifts. As more people join, more and more pyramids are formed and the process continues.

You can get involved right now and join any or all of the Pyramids as many times as you like.

So what are you waiting for ? !!!

Where does the 'pyramid' come from?

We use the word 'pyramid' because this is the best way to describe the shape in which participants are arranged as they join the Venture. For a more detailed explanation see our how does it work section.

What happens to my money?

You may wonder where the money comes from to give you back seven times what you put in. Simple - it comes from the people who join the Venture after you. The money you donate is given to a participant who joined the venture before you and is higher up the structure of the Pyramid.

How quickly will I receive my Gifts?

The time it will take to receive your Gifts will vary. It could be minutes, days or months. It could be longer. It simply depends on how quickly enough people join after you. However, the site is well publicised and open to an International audience via the Internet. And don't forget, every time eight new people join a Pyramid the next person will receive their Gifts.

Do I have to get other people to join?

You'll be pleased to hear the simple answer is no. With other similar schemes people have been forced to get others to join before they can receive their gifts. Everything operates by word of mouth, misunderstandings can arise and it only takes one person below you to have second thoughts and the whole scheme collapses.

But on the Internet it doesn't have to work like that. You can just sit back and wait. Of course, we welcome recommendations so if you'd like to tell your friends, family and colleagues about this site please do. The quicker the pyramid forms below you the quicker you will receive your Gifts.

When it is my turn how will I receive my Gifts?

When enough new people have joined you will be notified by email. All participants will be sent their gifts in the form of a cheque sent by post to the address specified when you joined the venture.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can participate?

No. You can participate in as many of our five current Ventures as many times as you like. Once you've seen the Venture work once you'll want to enter again and again.

Is this against the law?

Pyramid Cash is based in the United Kingdom where this type of Gift Venture is perfectly legal. If it wasn't this site simply wouldn't exist.

Can I lose my money?

This may sound like a glib answer but if you understand how the Venture works you'll agree it is perfectly true . . . the only way you could lose your money is if you came to the end of your natural life before enough people have joined the Venture after you for you to receive your return.

Of course, were there to be a change in the law or interest in the venture were to wane it might not be possible, or cost effective for us to continue. Both circumstances would be completely out of our control. If this were to happen you would be notified by post or email. However, at present a change in the law does not seem imminent and the site is becoming very popular. So why not have a go now. The sooner you join the sooner you stand to receive your seven-fold return.

Isn't this just a con?

So called 'Pyramid' schemes have sometimes had a bad reputation in the past. But if you've looked closely at all the facts we think you'll agree that our Venture is not a 'con' but an exciting opportunity. If you don't agree then don't get involved. But remember, when eight new people join a Pyramid the next person in-line receives their Gifts. Why shouldn't that person be you?

1. Don't dismiss the scheme because of the word 'Pyramid'.

Some people only have to hear the word pyramid and instantly think the whole idea is some kind of con. But we think you'll agree once you study all the information here that our Venture certainly isn't. All we ask is for you take a few minutes to find out how it all works.

2. Don't pledge money you can't afford.

Our Venture works. And once you've looked at the facts we're sure you'll want to get involved. But the time it takes between your initial Gift and your final receipt of seven Gifts does depend on how quickly other people join after you. The site is well publicised and well visited but we cannot guarantee how long it will be before enough people join for you to receive your gifts. It could be minutes it could be weeks. It could be longer. So don't pledge an amount you can't afford to do without for a while. That said, with Ventures starting at just £10 this is an opportunity that most people can afford to have a go at.

3. If you don't have faith in the idea - don't join.

We aren't twisting your arm or trying to con you. We've laid out the facts. If having read all the information here you don't believe in the Venture then don't join. But don't forget - every time eight new people join a Venture another person receives a seven-fold increase on the Gift they originally donated. Why shouldn't that person be you?

Before joining the Venture you should make sure you fully understand and agree with our terms and conditions.

Submission of an Order Form signifies your acceptance and understanding of these terms and conditions with no exceptions or amendments.

Entry into a Gift Venture of this nature may be illegal in some countries and as such it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that participation is legal in your place of residence.

By entering the Venture you acknowledge that you understand how the Venture operates and that Pyramid Cash cannot guarantee the time it will take for enough new participants to join the Venture after you to lead to your Gifts becoming due. Similarly, you acknowledge that Pyramid Cash cannot guarantee enough individuals will enter the Venture after you to lead to your final Gifts becoming due.

The Gift you make upon entering the venture immediately becomes one of the Gifts given to a previous participant and as such no refunds can be given.

Pyramid Cash maintains the confidentiality of every participant and no information will be disclosed regarding other participants.