Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Bulk E-mail and Autodial Systems Fraud

NOW AVAILABLE! 27,000,000 Email Addresses

Plus 12 Bonuses . . . All For Only $295!


"You can make the same fortunes that many other online marketers are making the hard way!"

"This will be the best investment you will make this year - guaranteed. It's hard to put a value on what you will receive, but it would be fair to say that this technology can help make you thousands or even millions - this year! . . . . "

"You can literally make a fortune by just sending out bulk e-mail. Soon you will have the problem of what to do with all the cash you will make."

"We did a mailing of 1 ½ million emails for one of our customers. He was selling a home workers manual for $29.95. He took in over 700 orders! 700 x $29.95 = $20,000. This gentleman was so amazed that, after being skeptical, it had really happened to him. He went on to buy our full list and will be set for life in less than a year's time."

"It really does work. Why else are there so many individuals doing it? They are not just wasting their time. They are all making mega bucks. Our recipient list is over 27,000,000 and made up of mainly small business owners and individuals that would be categorized as opportunity seekers."

The fact is, few if any people attain the specific level of earnings, income, or sales as represented by illegally sending unsolicited bulk e-mail or spam. Few, if any, of the recipients on their e-mail lists have been identified as small business owners and individuals categorized as opportunity seekers who are even remotely interested in receiving it.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"We've already helped thousands of couples and individuals turn into successful business people, and we believe we can help you, too."

Interested, you call a toll-free number to order a free information kit. Based on the ads they say you can expect to earn $4,000 per month using their "proven turn-key business." The information packets contain brochures and an audio cassette tape recording by the co-founders with the following statements:

"In the last thirteen years, we've identified over thirty needs and wants. Each one of them is easy to run, helps other people and provides you with a good profit. We've not only identified these thirty needs, but have developed the technology and strategies to perform these services, easily and profitably, all from your home."

"Once you start to advertise, people know about it immediately and start coming to you for your services. Once the word gets out, you'll have to expand your services very rapidly." 

"If you take 8 free hours times 7 days a week, you have 56 hours. Divide that by two, and you have 28 hours that you can use in this business. Now I realize I've not included weekends. If you use 28 hours per week to do this program, you will be extremely successful."

"I can't guarantee that you'll make $4,000 to $10,000 a month. I don't know what's inside of you. But you can earn more money than you ever dreamed possible if you will work our programs." 

"Some of our center owners use the computer dialing equipment for telemarketing to find qualified prospects for insurance, real estate, chimney cleaning and so forth. If they call from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., they can usually call around 1,000 people a day."

These claims are backed up by glowing endorsements from other Center Owner "examples".

LEE STOUT: "The program has enabled me to grow my business to the point where I can make $100,000+ per year. . . . If I can be successful at this, anyone can!"

CURTIS MAPP: "I now have 258 subscribers billed at $30 per month, which means I'm earning over $7,700 per month."

The home-based business venture or center you purchase ordinarily consists of computer hardware, software, training manuals, marketing materials, and available technical assistance which, together, are said to enable you to create products and services that can be resold profitably to the general public.

They fail to disclose that, with their outbound telemarketing programs, federal law prohibits the use of an automatic dialing system to initiate a call to any residential telephone line to transmit an unsolicited ad for commercial purposes without the prior express consent of the called party. This fact would be somewhat material in your decision to purchase their package.

They have sold their home-based business ventures to approximately 15,000 consumers for between $3,000 and $16,000. Most new owners do not end up operating profitable businesses out of their own homes. Indeed, it is rare for purchasers to recoup even their initial average investments of approximately $9,000. The vast majority of Center Owners not only never earn $4,000 per month, but never earn even $4,000 over the duration of their business efforts.

Calling All Suckers

Another company used auto-dialers to solicit a business opportunity which then involved their use. The pre-recorded message said the company was looking for people willing to monitor a computer from their home and perform other simple tasks for a guaranteed minimum of $40,000 per year.

Several people paid a $3,000 "refundable deposit" for the use of the equipment then installed extra home telephone lines believing it was a legal product, simple to operate, and required no expertise in computers to operate. The tasks required were not simple and the goals that had to be achieved to get the "guaranteed" $40,000 annual fee involved monitoring the equipment and sending out at least 200 faxes a month to interested, qualified leads. Given the low response rate to the automated messages, it was impossible to ever achieve the required objective.