Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Telemarketing Fraud - Inbound Calls

Types of telemarketing calls and other scams can be further broken down for clarification and understanding into two categories relating to the average dollar amount of victim losses per incident.

For our purposes we have chosen a dollar figure threshold of $1000 as the factor separating a perceived crime from being major or minor in nature. This, sadly, is the first hindrance to deterring these crimes and it has allowed many perpetrators to operate for several years without fear of intervention or reprisals.

Whether an operation collects $100,000 from ten victims, $10,000 from one hundred victims, $1000 from one thousand victims, $100 from ten thousand victims or finally just $10 from one hundred thousand victims, they still manage to steal a cool $1 million dollars as you will soon see.

Therefore, do not be swayed by this distinction but consider it more a classification process than anything else so that you are not overwhelmed by the total scope of the problem.

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