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Is CashEvolution a Multi-Level Marketing Scam?

I would like you to investigate the net's MLM opp of the season which is a New Zealand based company clearly in breach of NZ pyramid law and US securities law.

It is being actively recommended by some of internet marketing's biggest names, in particular Mark Joyner the CEO of Aesop Corp. better known for his ROIbot, StartBlaze, and ExitBlaze products. People are being loaded into this in a frenzy under the promise of residual income for life caused by spillover from Mark Joyner and Bravenet's promotion.

Given that they have no product to offer yet as they claim they are waiting to sort out the legal aspect viz-a-viz securities, one can only assume that they mean find 3 people to lose their money and your own fees will be covered.

At the current rate of sponsorship, the next 6 months will result in a LOT of people on the bottom of this pyramid who will not be able to find 3 people willing to lose their money. Many of the internet's most famous marketers are backing this but perhaps the biggest noise is being made by Mark Joyner, owner of the Aesop Corporation.

I think you need to take this one seriously because over 100,000 have been taken this month alone and the big players intend to promote it to their lists. Bravenet's list is perhaps the largest at well over 40 million but even Mark Joyner has 3 million on his.

The program is being advertised but the product is not being mentioned, only the opportunity to earn money from recruiting others:

Practically nobody is getting into that program for the product but are handing over their cash because people like Mark Joyner are promising them tons of spillover which in layman's talk translates into 'money for doing nothing'.

Warren Ingothers 06/23/02

What is CASHevolution?

CASHevolution ( ) is a new breed of company that combines the revenue potential of an Investment Club with the power of Affiliate Marketing to make your money start working for you!

CASHevolution is an affiliate program designed to bring to you entry level Business and Financial Education PLUS the ability to operate a home based business and put this education into practice. Your membership includes access to an Investment Portfolio so that as your income grows, you can learn the power of investing and wealth retention. Simply put, CASHevolution is your financial future through education, business and investing.

What is the cost to join CASHevolution?

There is a one time join fee of $25.00 USD then a monthly commitment of $ 25.00 thereafter. Once you have introduced 3 active members, your monthly membership fee will be covered by the income generated from your commissions.

That's 3 people you personally refer or three people that are placed into your team by your upline. And with only 155 referrals you will be making almost $1,500.00 per month, which is enough for everyone to have some money to invest, and for many to actually quit their jobs!

You have created a self-funding business that is not costing you money. Once you achieve this, we will take only $ 24.00 per month, from your commissions earnings not $ 25.00 as we do not need to process and bank charges etc.

We only allow members to join ONE time. You can however sign up your family members under your personal URL, placing them in your team.

How will CASHevolution make me money? operates a Power Investment Matrix designed to pay out almost 100% of the monthly revenue from members monthly subscriptions.

This is the highest paying program on the internet today!

Over time as your personal matrix builds, your income will continue to grow to a maximum of $8,940.00 USD/month. How well you do is entirely up to you.

The more you promote your CASHevolution business and education package, the more members will join under your team and the more income you will make. The key objective is to help you get to your third level where you will make $ 1,440.00 USD/month.

Don't have any money to invest? No problem, we'll help you make some! By combining our unique investment program with the power of Affiliate Marketing you can actually create a "self funding" investment portfolio just by referring others to your CASHevolution website!

Our Affiliate program is a "Personally Forced" downline which means all of the people you refer to your CASHevolution website go in your own downline.

You will also get spillover referrals from those above you and from those below you as your referrals get referrals of their own. This results in three different forces working to fill your downline: You, those above you and those you below you!

This Personal Forced Matrix is designed to pay for your Membership with only 3 referrals and help you quit your job with a maximum earnings potential of $9,000.00 per month!

What type of investment advice is going to be given?

Each month, CASHevolution will offer a new fund. The fund will comprise 3 funds in total. Low Risk, Medium Risk and High Risk. A recommended 70/20/10 ratio will be recommended but the individual can alter the percentages at will.

Every month is a new and different fund and is designed to educate members about the various markets.

CASHevolution may in the future offer more sophisticated investments for advanced members but in the first instance, it will be relatively conservative focusing more on an educational journey.

No liability insurance will be offered. Part of the educational process will be risk management.

Each month’s investment fund will have a term investment. At the expiration of the term, you may choose what to do... re-invest or move your money across to the current fund, or simply withdraw your money. It will be paid out to your Offshore Bank Account with interest earned.

What is my Global Debit Card?

Your Global Debit Card provides you with ATM and POS (point of sale) access to your Offshore Bank Account. This card is provided by OneSmartCard Company for the purposes of facilitating your CASHevolution payroll.

How soon will you debit funds from my commissions for the investments?

Only once you reach level 3 will we begin debiting your commission earnings by a fixed amount of 10%. For example if you generate $100 dollars commission we will use 10% of your commissions or $10 for you’re investment funds.

The idea is to get you to a healthy income before we start to create your investment. This way, your business is profitable; you are comfortable and can then afford to invest.

Get in now to enjoy the spillover!!! You must go sign up now at ....

... your business builds itself for you... sponsor 3 people to get your own membership free.

You'll create huge recurring commissions in a hurry. I can't believe how fast this is building and how well this new revolutionary forced matrix system builds itself for you.

So please sign up right away before the matrix is filled and you don't have a chance of receiving huge groups of spillover which we're already creating for others like yourself.

... I called their CEO, Craige Mayo. I was so impressed with him as a person, and what he had to say that I've flown all the way to New Zealand to check them out myself.

Over the last few days I've become more and more impressed with the people, vision and financial stability behind Cash Evolution. You can understand my delight when I realized that this is an opportunity of global consequence.

1. 100% Commissions. Yes, 100% of the membership fees are paid back in commissions to the affiliates. The owners make money only by their own positions in the matrix so therefore are supremely motivated to ensure this system works for the affiliates.

2. A 5x5 Forced Matrix Compensation Plan (3 Powerful Forces Building Your Team). Your team is built from the promotions of your sponsors, you, and those in your team. This is the most important thing to know about a "forced matrix."

If this isn't clear, just know that by signing up in the matrix of someone like me, you will benefit for years from the "spill over" of my promotions. This means that people I ask to sign up will be placed in your matrix.

3. Commissions are Paid to Your Very Own Offshore Bank Account. As soon as you sign up, an offshore bank account is established for you in the West Indies and you are given a global debit card to withdraw funds anywhere in the world.

4. 10% Conversion Rate. Based on some very preliminary word of mouth promotion, my personal website has seen a conversion rate of 10%. That means that 10% of the people I sent to the site signed up.

5. Each Month Receive Additional Income from Various Investments. After your 3rd tier is full, 10% of your earnings (or more if you like) will be invested in a number of mutual funds across the globe.

6. The Product is Self-funding After You Have Just 3 People In Your Matrix. Chances are, you may get those 3 people just from the promotions of your sponsors.

7. This Company is Very Stable, Reliable, and Trustworthy. The owners are all family men with the highest integrity and a positive global vision for the future.

8. Benefit Now from My Global Campaign to Promote Cash Evolution. Those who sign up now will benefit the most from my global marketing. All will benefit greatly, but those who get in the earliest will benefit the most. After you sign up here:

Mark Joyner CEO, Founder of StartBlaze, ExitBlaze, ROIbot and more.

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