Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Example of an Internet Pyramid Scheme called Electric Money Tree

This operation uses these keywords to entice the opportunistic and hopeful who believe in government conspiracies. The info below is not an endorsement but merely and example of the drivel they advertise to the gullible.

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And that's just the behind the scenes. Let's see what they have to offer.

They will purportedly provide each of their members with $1,000,000 merely for assisting in the spread of information which will help revitalize the world economy.

It's channeled through their OTHER MEMBERS by an ingenious and perfectly legitimate system. With the Electric Money Tree everyone wins!

If you don’t enroll then your place, and your $1,000,000 place may be taken by someone else.


The core secrets have been carefully preserved and passed on to each succeeding business generation by “elder statesmen” of commerce.

One of the primary purposes of the Electric Money Tree is to stimulate enterprise and the creation of prosperity amongst private citizens and young entrepreneurs. It all appears more secure than sending in checks or providing a credit card number, although some may ask for these account numbers to be provided.

It's carefully designed to operate within the laws.

You will be supplying by the thousands, for a payment to you of $16 per item in advance, an information based product (Report) which will be produced for you, or which you produce yourself for practically nothing.

It will enable you to amass for yourself, after a brief period as your own boss, sufficient wealth for you to retire and live in luxury for the rest of your life.

In order to collect $1,000,000 for yourself through the Electric Money Tree System you MUST print and retain this page for future reference or have some other way of saving this page’s address as you WILL need it later. We recommend that you also add this and all subsequent pages to the "Favourites" section in your browser as you cannot return to the pages you will access later without their precise address.

This is your Invitation and Opportunity to join one of the world’s most rewarding financial associations. The only qualification is that you must be able to follow simple instructions.

You will see that this is a very plain site with few "Bells & Whistles" or gimmicks - just plain text.

All you have to do to be successful is print out this page and read it through carefully.

We feel that a person who cannot be bothered to read a few pages cannot be serious about making money.

Until recently entry into The Money Tree Organisation was by personal invitation only and the Organisation operated entirely through the world postal service but the flagging World Economy indicates that additional income is needed Worldwide by many people like yourself.

The Electric Money Tree Organisation has therefore been created and organized with the intention that it should operate over the Internet and provide each of our members with $1,000,000 merely for assisting in the spread of information which will help revitalize the world economy . You can become one of us and receive all this wealth if you are prepared to contribute a few minutes of your time to a good cause – your own financial welfare.

With the growth of the Internet The Electric Money Tree has quickly extended its operation around the world and is helping people like yourself become millionaires every day.

The Money Tree Organisation does not allow negative bias on account of age, race, religion, politics or sex. All people have something to contribute to this world and are equally worthy of wealth & happiness. With the Electric Money Tree everyone has an equal opportunity to enrich themselves.

Not only do Electric Money Tree Members receive their money quickly but they are also taught the secret principles behind creating capital for themselves.

These monies are not charity or loans and do not have to be repaid. The money is yours to do with as you wish …… buy your dream home or a luxury car, retire or travel the world . Whatever you wish you can do – with this money. It is truly yours & free of any “conditions”.

Because of our Worldwide membership we are now quoting the wealth being created for individuals in US Dollars.

This is because US Dollars are the most widely known currency.

For ease of calculation, US$1,000,000 equals roughly €1,000,000 or GB£625,000.

If you have any concerns about the legality of this system please see the end of this article.

Naturally you are wondering how an organization such as ours could be so well endowed as to be able to give away $1,000,000 (or the equivalent €1,000,000 or £625,000 etc.) to YOU. Being open and straightforward in these matters we have to explain here that the capital is channelled through our OTHER MEMBERS by an ingenious and perfectly legitimate system. With the Electric Money Tree everyone wins!

You may remember the folk tale of the little old shoemaker who was going to close down his shop because business had become so slow. Many of the townsfolk realized how valuable his service was and banded together to help. Each citizen went to the shoemaker and bought a pair of his excellent shoes. Needless to say, this sudden spurt of business enabled the shoemaker to stay in business. It also made him wealthy.

This is what we are about : Thousands of our new members, all recruited by “Junior” Electric Money Tree MEMBERS (Not yourself ), will PAY YOU to purchase thousands of copies of a certain Product FROM YOU for $16 each. This information-based product will be produced and distributed FOR YOU automatically on the Electric Money Tree Server-Computer.

It is all done automatically: You need do nothing. You DO NOT even NEED your own computer to collect a fortune with the Electric Money Tree System. Join us and our members will help you become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

To become eligible to receive all these tens of thousands of $16 orders paid automatically and directly into your own bank account all you have to do is buy ONE product from ONE of our members for $16. That is all. Your total outlay to join the system is $16 to enroll and $16 for your Product. This letter invites you to enroll and you will be shown where to buy the product on a following page.

Since we have total confidence in this system, it having run VERY successfully in previous periods and in other countries through the postal system, we are going to offer you a complete money back guarantee on your Enrolment Payment:

Should you decide not to purchase the Product or proceed with this system after having read the Introductory Details, to which you will be directed automatically following your enrolment, you can just contact your Sponsor within fourteen days and He/She will return your $16 Enrolment Fee.


Read the following material and act quickly . If you don’t enrol then your place, and your $1,000,000 place may be taken by someone else.


The Electric Money Tree Organisation is set up to provide a huge legitimate income to all who join by using a time-proven form of commercial capitalism. Although the principle concept is unknown to the vast majority of people, the core secrets have been carefully preserved and passed on to each succeeding business generation by "elder statesmen" of commerce.

This unique method of rapidly multiplying any size of investment has always been successful, but never surfaced to the view of the general public since over-use would reduce its power. Why do you think a few people are so rich and most people are so poor?

Evidenceof this time-proven principle has been found on ancient Egyptian scrolls and in medieval European history. Capitalist political leaders over the last few centuries have used the Money Tree system to revitalize flagging or weak economies within their own countries. Over the years, names or titles within this wealth creating system have been updated but the principle always remains the same. As a valuable member YOU will be taught MANY of our wealth creating secrets.

Unfortunately, some twentieth century profiteers sought to abuse their knowledge by using parts of it to create "Chain Letters", "Pyramid Schemes" and similar Unethical Practices. These endeavours were never successful for anyone but those at the top because they failed to contain the total system components and they also performed the operation in the wrong direction.

Large companies have for centuries had easy access to capital through banks, insurance cartels and stock markets but ordinary people were left to fend for ourselves. With the economy facing the worst slump since World War II, a select group of people are once again raising capital for their own use by means of the original and powerful Money Tree system. Wealth and freedom await those who join us!

How does the program work? The simplest way to describe the Electric Money Tree is to say it is like a “Chain Letter” in reverse. Instead of starting with one copy and trying to expand your base by peddling it to others whom you do not know or trust, the broad marketing base is provided through our certified membership list.

This way you are sure of every participant’s intent before he or she becomes involved. Hundreds or thousands of our Marketing Members actually market your Product for you . Then a unique control system double checks (From both directions) everyone’s activities. Should someone break a line through inactivity or corruption (A rare occurrence), the list controller immediately inserts someone else in their place.

Another feature differentiating the Electric Money Tree from ineffective copies is the method of travel on the list. After you make your single $16 purchase from another Member, YOU can first receive $4,000 “Front Money” and then move immediately to the top position to receive your $1,000,000. Sounds complicated? Of course it does. If it were simple, the principles could have been discovered by the average person long ago.

Even after you have received or accessed the complete program materials and read them, it’s not necessary to understand the principles completely – just follow the easy instructions to collect your wealth quickly.

Reports & Product

One of the primary purposes of the Electric Money Tree is to stimulate enterprise and the creation of prosperity amongst private citizens and young entrepreneurs . This is achieved by the distribution through The Electric Money Tree Organization of a series of Reports or Products that educate the mind as to how the world, particularly the business world, works. The Reports are entitled as follows:

Report 1 “How You Can Avoid The Wage Slave Trap.” (Free below)

Report 2 “How You Can Become Wealthy Through Trade.” (Supplied with Enrolment)

Report 3 “How You Can Advertise Almost Anything And Harvest Paying Customers.” (Free through Link)

Report 4 “How Your Computer Can Make You Another Million Dollars While You Enjoy A Vacation.” (This is the Product you purchase at $16)

Report 5 “How You Can Become A $Billionaire: The Secrets You Need To know.” (Free with linked site option)



This program was carefully designed to operate within the laws of the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the European Community .

If you have any questions regarding the legality of this program, contact the Office of Associate Director for Marketing Practices, Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Washington, D.C. or the relevant authority in your own country.

Business Outline:

You are required to provide an information based Product, the Report: “How Your Computer Can Make You Another Million Dollars While You Enjoy A Vacation.” , to all your clients in return for each $16 payment which you receive. This can be done for you automatically by the Electric Money Tree Organisation at no cost or trouble to you .

You are reminded to claim enrolment expenditure on your income tax returns. You will effectively be engaged in the business of Internet Mail Order.

You will be supplying by the thousands , for a payment to you of $16 per item in advance , an information based product (Report) which will be produced for you, or which you produce yourself for practically nothing.

You will therefore be receiving a legitimate profit of $16 or almost $16 on each order. Please keep this and all subsequent material in a safe place.

Foreign Currency

The Money Tree Organisation operates all over the free world . To do this it has chosen to accept American Dollars only as this is the most widely used currency. This fact only affects you as a joining member insofar as your enrolment fee is paid in US Dollars automatically through your credit card whatever your home currency. If you later receive large amounts of money from overseas this can be converted into your preferred currency automatically and without significant cost.

The Electric Money Tree is not “money for nothing”

To collect your $1,000,000 you will have to allow us to pass on for you (Or pass on yourself if you prefer) access to the “Statutes of Operation” (Starter Pack) through the Internet to 250 people after you have received $4,000 payment in advance from them . We will then distribute the Product for you to at least 62,500 people after you have been paid $16 in advance by each one of them . There are hundreds of millions of people all over the world waiting to send you money. 62,500 x $16 = $1,000,000 .


(Even if you live in a very poor part of the world)

The Electric Money Tree: Enrolment Procedure


To The Value Of $1,000,000

You now need to enrol as a member of the Electric Money Tree Organisation. This will cost you just $16 and the payment goes to your Sponsor – The Electric Money Tree Member who operates this Invitation Web Site – it covers any expense they may have incurred in getting you to visit their Site – advertising and so forth.

The Enrolment Fee secures your membership of the Electric Money Tree Organisation plus it entitles you to the following benefits:

blue bullet point

Access to Copyright Material and Site Operation

blue bullet point

Maintenance of Generic Web Pages & Control Systems

blue bullet point

The Report: “How You Can Become Wealthy Through Trade.”

“ YES …. I wish to enrol in the Electric Money Tree Organisation and increase my wealth tremendously.

I understand that after I make my one and only purchase of One Product for the price of $16 I will move into position to start receiving my $1,000,000 income immediately.

I understand that I am under no obligation, ever, to the Electric Money Tree Organisation.

I understand that the Electric Money Tree Organisation will distribute all the Reports for me automatically and at no cost without my assistance unless I wish to do this myself.

I further understand that I will be transferred to the Welcome Page immediately following my Enrolment where I will have access to the Introductory Details and receive my second Report – “How You Can Become Wealthy Through Trade” - I will then be able to purchase the Product for $16 as my final obligatory investment should I so wish.”

Enrol Now And take your first step to collecting your $1,000,000.

A Warning From The Electric Money Tree Organisation Staff

The only test we make of your fitness to be a Member of the Electric Money Tree Organisation is your ability to make a $16 payment to your Sponsor’s “Paypal” account using your credit/debit card. This is neither expensive nor “Rocket Science” by any means.

You need a Paypal account anyway toreceive your $1,000,000 automatically.

Your First FREE Report In The "Commercial Education" Series:

Report 1: How You Can Avoid The Wage Slave Trap

This article is the first in a series designed to improve the accuracy of Members’ perception of the business world. This accurate perception is the first requirement of financial success.

Please be aware that this is not the beginning of a Communist or Socialist tirade – we are Democratic Capitalists and therefore pragmatic about interacting with the world as it exists rather than dreaming of an unattainable Utopia. We seek to prepare our Members to prosper and flourish in the world as it now operates. If you really intend to win a game then you need to know the rules.

Many people are trapped by their belief in the propaganda generated by the State Machine which seeks to keep citizens quiet and obedient. This propaganda attempts, with great success, to instil the idea that if you are a good company employee and pay your taxes then the state will look after you from cradle to grave.

It will protect you from criminals, educate your children, support you when you are unemployed and maintain your standard of living when you retire from paid labour.

Sadly, this is all lies: The state maintains criminals and the supply of drugs to destabilize the citizenry and it avoids educating the children of the common people as educated citizens are more difficult to control.

It depresses welfare payments to a level where a person is desperate to work for the minimum wage and the pension system is undermined and controlled so that those dependent on state handouts have no voice, those defrauded of their lifelong contributions have no redress and those presently paying subscription are led to expect better treatment when they retire.

There is only one way to be sure of access to the better things in life, not to mention health: You must be able to afford them. This means being relatively wealthy and able to buy the necessities and luxuries of life which are so freely available to those with the financial wherewithal. So how do you become wealthy?

If you wish to prosper and grow rich, the first thing you need to know about the commercial world is that you cannot become wealthy by working for someone else. Every business attempts to pay its workers the minimum that it can.

This means the least pay and benefits which the firm can offer to its staff and continue to own the labour of the workers and managers necessary for it to function at an optimum level.

Lower wages means more profit to the owners of the business. Big business uses government to hold down wages. Wages allow workers to buy bread and sometimes visit circuses.

There are times and situations when an employer must pay higher wages to compete for scarce labour or skilled staff but this doesn’t happen for long because the Western Democratic System is set up in such a way that there is almost always a pool of unemployed workers eager to do unskilled work for the minimum wage allowable by the law. This minimum wage is set as a political tool to generate support for a populist government whilst still only guaranteeing an unskilled worker barely enough pay to survive.

The UK is cited in examples below owing to it being a good example of a mature Capitalist Democracy.

After WWII the UK Labour government, to mention only one, shipped in workers from Jamaica and elsewhere because there was more work than workers and wages were in danger of rising.

How many people do you know who have become independently wealthy by working for someone else? Almost certainly you do not know any.

The only capital which working people in the UK have is tied up in their houses - and this is a government ploy to control them. You will observe that the major payment a family has to make is for the purchase of its home – by mortgage.

House ownership has been encouraged and enabled so that people have security to be loaned money against by the banks, for the banks’ profit, and so that they have something which can be taken from them if they do not follow the rules set by the government.

The actual astronomical price of a person’s house is of no positive value to them because if they sell it they still have to buy a new place to live or pay rent calculated on the price of a similar property. House prices are maintained at this scandalous level where young people are unable to buy homes for themselves merely by restricting the building of new homes. It costs little more to build a house now than it did 25 years ago yet look how prices have risen in the UK.

Only about 4% of land in the UK is built upon yet the people are told that building is restricted to preserve the countryside. Is a tiny part of this countryside more valuable as “set aside” farmland, unused and subsidised by the EC, than it is as homes for our people?

Or are the banks’ profits more important?

In many other countries of the developed world the governments encourage home ownership to give the citizens something to lose if they break the rules or do not repay their debts. This is not in itself a bad thing but it is something you should be aware of.

Prior to the 1750s the ordinary people of England used to be able to survive by keeping a few chickens, a cow and a pig or two on the common land and working an “allotment” type vegetable garden. They would supplement this self-sufficiency by working for the local landowner at harvest time but this paid labour was only the icing on their cake and they could survive without his pay if they had a mind to.

This independent-making situation put the common people in a strong bargaining position with regard to wages and when grain prices fell owing to cheap imports from the USA they refused to work for the reduced wages offered by the landowners. This made farming less profitable or impossible for the landowners so, as the landowners controlled the government, they decided to bring in a series of laws called the “Enclosure Acts” and the Anti-Combination Laws”.

The Enclosure Acts made over to the major landowners all the common land for them to farm. The effect of this, besides building up the acreage under the major landowners’ control, was that it forced the ordinary people to work for the big landowners or starve because they could no longer support themselves without the use of common land.

The Anti-Combination Laws effectively forbade people from forming trade unions and banding together to fight injustice and oppression in farm or factory.

Another result of these punitive laws was huge numbers of people “Transported” to Australia and elsewhere for life as slave labour to be used on the colonial farms. Many people do not realise that transported convicts were not just set free at the other end but required to work, effectively as slaves, for periods of seven years and more. The crimes for which people were transported included stealing a rabbit in the country and stealing a crust of bread in the city. Was this justice or slavery?

The reason the author is explaining these matters is to cut through the propaganda which the ordinary people are fed in Western Society. Principles do not change. The rulers still don’t care for their workers - they only pretend they do for public relations purposes.

The real reason for the end of slavery is that it costs money to buy a slave and then more to feed him when there is no work to do. An hourly paid worker can be dismissed and left to starve without a loss of invested capital.

What does this mean to you? It means you are still oppressed by your government on behalf of the hidden rulers of your society. You need to understand the reality of your situation to break free of it. In a civilised country you cannot opt out.

You must be a Master or a Slave. And to be a Master the only thing you need is money. There is only one way you will ever make real money; enough to live as you please without working; enough never to have to doff your cap to a boss again: The only way is to be the Boss and own your own business.

It doesn’t matter if it is a window cleaning round, a market stall or a commercial empire, the only way to fully benefit from YOUR own labour, efforts or enterprise is to reap the profits of YOUR production. To do that you must own the means of production: A business.

The Electric Money Tree is just such a means of production. It is your own hugely profitable business. If you follow the instructions it will enable you to amass for yourself, after a brief period as your own boss, sufficient wealth for you to retire and live in luxury for the rest of your life.

Internet based scams