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Russian Doctor Makes House Calls

About 3 weeks ago I received an e-mail from someone who saw my profile on ""

The girl, who says she is a pediatrician from Russia, has sent pictures indicating that she is very attractive. Over the course of 3 weeks, e-mailing every day, she really made me feel as if she had found the guy that she wanted to spend her life with.

Eventually she e-mailed me an exuberant message saying that she had an opportunity to come and visit.

She had an aunt that worked as a professor at a university and said she could join a group of students coming to America on a language and culture trip to, of all places, my city.

She said it would cost $1075.00 but that her parents could only provide $200.00. She asked if I could send the rest of the money and included an address for a Western Union money transfer.

I don't just send money to anyone, regardless of beauty, so I sent an e-mail saying that I might consider buying and sending an airline ticket. I have not heard from her since.

I began thinking that this might have been an Internet scam by some person or group praying on people who have profiles on a website and are lonely or desperate to meet the person of their dreams.

She seemed to say all the right things including that her parents trusted me and that if she could come she would be here for a month and could spend the whole time with me at my place.

That really sounds suspicious and odd to me. How could her parents trust someone they have never met that lives in another country? I asked her to call me on the phone and she said she had no phone because she couldn't afford one and she couldn't talk at work.

I would think a doctor, no matter where in the world they are, should make enough money for a phone or could at least be at one when I called, as offered.

I would hate for anyone to get scammed out of money and get discouraged about finding a partner in life.

Michael 04/19/02

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