Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Berkley Murray Securities, Faze-E Inc, Geschtdalt-Hansa Inc., Banque Capitol, Trans Capital Clearing, Hyda-Flors Banc

Still Fazing While They're Fading

I invested a total of £10,000, which I have borrowed from the bank against my property, with Berkley Murray Securities (based in Switzerland) during October 2002. I have supposedly bought shares in two companies, Faze-E Inc. and Geschtdalt-Hansa Inc.

I received several other phone calls at work from suspected employees of Berkley Murray Securities asking me to invest with them. I asked them to sell my shares in Faze-E Inc. (worth £4,000). I was told they were going transfer the money into my bank account for the proceeds of the sale but the money has not reached my account.

Berkley Murray Securities are associated with Banque Capitol, Trans Capital Clearing and Hyda-Flors Banc. I have paperwork from them all with Zurich addresses and telephone numbers on them.

The worrying thing is some time ago if you phoned them you talked to a receptionist who would only take messages. Now if you phone, you get a message telling you the number is no longer in use.

I would like to here from anybody who has any information or advice.

The names of the persons I have spoken to at the above are:- Chris Coleman, Mark White, Rob Andrews, Simon Shaw, Paul Jackson, Mr. Cameron.


Tony, UK 04/13/03