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Praise for the efforts at Crimes of Persuasion

My Kind of Review

I am mightily impressed by your site, so much so that I'm going to give it a favorable review in the next issue of the TRIAD newsletter here in Traverse City, Michigan and will also be placing a link to your site. Congratulations on a job well done.

Mike Sheehan
The Senior Corner 11/30/01

From: "Phoenix Police Department" 18 Jul 2001

I am really impressed with your website. It is something so good, I have furnished the information to our Chamber of Commerce for inclusion in its monthly newsletter which goes out to all of our businesses and a great many homes.

I can guarantee we will be accessing your website quite frequently to glean whatever we can.

Chief Bob Kershaw
PD Phoenix, Oregon

Your website is quite extensive and complete in its information and coverage.

We'd love to include some of your work on Pyramid Schemes in our next issue of The Informant, which goes out to over 7000 law enforcement agencies, state/local prosecution offices, as well as members of academia.

National White Collar Crime Center 11/01

As a person who has similar objectives as you do, I have never seen a site so comprehensive, and detailed as yours - this is absolutely awesome!

Ron Reinhold
Canadian Private Investigator 12/01

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

... With respect to your web site... we applaud your efforts to enhance the public's knowledge of the ways in which criminals perpetrate various frauds, investment schemes, and consumer scams against vulnerable individuals.

We would also like to commend you on the clear manner in which you have organized your information...

Unnamed Canadian Government Department - which does not wish to be placed in the position of appearing to favour one organization or individual over another, particularly where there will be revenue generated from the sale of a book. 08/00

Everything's Under Control Down Under

... Whilst I acknowledge your desire to educate consumers with respect to such matters and I congratulate you for your commitment in this regard, I believe that the Office of Consumer Affairs site provides the requisite information from an Australian perspective and is, in and of itself, an adequate tool to provide consumers in South Australia with the necessary information.

Given this fact, I therefore regret to inform you that at this time the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs will not include a link to the Crimes of Persuasion website.

K. Trevor Griffin
Minister for Consumer Affairs 07/03/01

The policy of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, New Zealand regarding links in Scamwatch to other organisations is to limit those links to government or non-profit organisations that have assessed, investigated or verified the material they carry.

Due to liability concerns we are unable to link to sites that contain anecdotal statements from consumers which do not appear to have been confirmed by a third party.

Consumer Information Service
Ministry of Consumer Affairs
Wellington New Zealand 12/12/01

Thank you for your kind words about our website.

We are happy for other people to link to our site... however we take a very conservative view to inserting links to other sites because this suggests we give some kind of endorsement to these sites.

Therefore will not be putting a link on our site to yours. Good luck with your site.

Internet Manager
Australian Securities and Investment Commission 02/18/02

We've added your Crimes of Persuasion site to our section on scams.

Australian Federal Police Web Team 04/15/02

Thank you for alerting us to your web site.  We maintain a resource directory on aging topics and issues to help viewers locate information.

We have one section on consumer protection and it would appear your web site would be a splendid addition to this. Your site is a valuable one for persons working with the elderly.

Bruce M. Craig
National Aging Information Center
U.S. Administration on Aging

Who Makes Up These Rules Anyway?

Thank your for your interest in the Division site. I have reviewed your website, and commend you for the wealth of information contained therein.

Unfortunately, we cannot link to private sites even when they are as comprehensive as yours.

I'm sure you will understand our position, and I wish you every success in your endeavours.

David Waddell, Supervisor, Technical Information and Dissemination
Division of Aging and Seniors, Health Canada 09/01

Few Are Chosen But We Finally Made It

Links to other sites from AARP Webplace are chosen by AARP for their relevance to content developed for Webplace.  AARP Scam Sites

"Scams" Are Not Even In Their Database

Our objective is to provide non-promotional, unbiased investor information, with an education focus, and so we have to be careful to select both books and web site links that match our goals.

Your web site, while it offers useful information, does not fit our criteria.

Martha Hirst
Canadian Securities Institute

The OSC website does not generally provide links to commercial websites or other commercial resources, and nor does the OSC provide endorsements for commercial enterprises.

Legal Counsel
Ontario Securities Commission 05/02

As you no doubt know, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners mentioned your site in the "Resources" section of their Web site.

I spent quite a bit of time on your site and found a good deal of useful, seemingly authoritative information.

You have done quite a job of categorizing the many different forms of fraud.

I plan to mention your site as a useful resource for fraud fighters in the upcoming issue of our monthly newsletter called White-Collar Crime Fighter which goes out to law enforcement officials, corporate security managers and private fraud investigators.

Peter Goldmann 11/00

Cautious Flattery

The (anonymous State) Office of Consumer Affairs located your site sometime back and circulated it to our colleagues. This past November, we brought the site and its lengthy list of contents to the attention of our Consumer Affairs Advisory Committee.

The members and I thought "Crimes of Persuasion" was a great descriptor for a multitude of issues that we deal with all the time and wondered whether we could use the phrase in our consumer education campaign for 2001.

Since we are a state agency, you must know that we must be careful of seeming to endorse any website other than a government site.

I think your site is just wonderful--it has enough in it for two years of consumer education campaigns.

Office of Consumer Affairs
( anonymous State ) Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services 12/00

Heavens No, Don't Inform The Police

Thank you for bringing your web site to the attention of CPRC. We have reviewed it and do not feel that it is presently a good fit with the needs of our client base.

Barry Gaudette, Manager
Canadian Police Research Centre 12/00

No Big Secret

Great job on your recent book. I've done a cursory review and find it a very worthwhile work. In the next few weeks I plan to read it in its entirety. Keep up the good research!

(name withheld)
US Secret Service
Investigative Support Division 01/01

I am absolutely amazed at your website. It is the most comprehensive site regarding scams and fraud I have seen in 22 years of law enforcement. Keep up the good work

Lieutenant Bart Terrell
Dallas County Sheriff's Department, Dallas Texas 01/25/01

I wrote you a while back about my dad being a victim of a sweetheart scam and I noticed you wrote an excellent piece on sweetheart scams and placed a link to my site.

My dad's case has progressed much and with any luck there will finally be justice.

The BBC and RDF Media 4 in London, England, who likely found me through your site, are preparing documentaries about my dad and sweetheart scams. Other freelancers have requested to do stories as well.

At least my dad's death will not be unnoticed and overlooked. I wanted to say thank you so much.

You have really done a great service to all victims of this crime.

Candice Botner 02/17/01

I really liked your Web site and featured it in my "Daily Web Site Referral" where I also post links to news articles relating to securities fraud on the Oklahoma Securities site.

Daniel G. Clarke, CFE
Supervisory Investigator
Oklahoma Department of Securities 11/01

I have visited your site in the past and have directed others there as well. You have done an outstanding job.

Roger H. Schmedlen,
Loss Prevention Concepts, Ltd.

Your site is great.

San Antonio, Texas Police Department - Webmaster

Congratulations, your site has been selected for inclusion in the FinanceWise index which is a dedicated financial search engine indexing only those sites that contain relevant content for the financial markets.

What an excellent site you run. I intend to write to the press and suggest that readers are directed to your site before making any decisions about joining such schemes as the current "women-empowering-women" mania.

I am an internationally published author in marketing and consumer behaviour at one of the UK's top Management Schools. My PhD is in consumer psychology.

Should I start researching the consumer behaviour associated with these schemes I hope that you will not mind if I contact you.

Thank you for an informative and enjoyable evening spent perusing your website.

Helen Woodruffe-Burton (Dr)
Lancaster University 03/11/02

It is the policy of the South Africa Police Services (SAPS) not to link to private web sites.

Inspector Chetty 03/11/02

A virtual encyclopedia on everything from money laundering to chain letters to telemarketing fraud.

Steve Dinnen in the
Christian Science Monitor 03/18/02

Insight into the many different ways that crooks have devised to part people from their money. A good rundown of frauds with a section devoted to swindles against the elderly.

The Des Moines Register 03/02

I Am Addicted To Your Website!

I must tell you, your website is the most outstanding one I have ever been to. The content is unbelievable.

Thanks to you, I have escaped from two professional organizations that were trying to enroll me into investing offshore and in Foreign Exchange. A thousand thanks.

Adler Jean-Baptiste 04/01/02

PS: I intend to make a donation for the invaluable information learned from your site.

Generally, we do not link to non-governmental websites. Thank you for thinking of us though.

Public Protection Division Chief
Office of the Attorney General - Vermont 04/15/02

Web Site of the Month - Teller Vision - 02/02

I am running a course for the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) Foundation for Education & Research on certain issues accountants face in the divorce process which might uncover fraud in one or more tax related issues.

We'd like permission to use some of the information available on your web site.

David Glusman 08/20/02

Robert Cialdini recommended I contact you regarding a documentary series I am developing on fraud for Discovery.

Jessica Grynberg
Beyond Productions, Sydney Australia 08/21/02

Since I lost an enormous amount of money in September 1995 I have been searching the web for info on Nigerian scams comparable to what I have on file.

I just found your very impressive web-site by good luck and believe it is the best of all I have seen. It is certainly the most correct and detailed.

Nigerian Scam Victim

Buying Stock Over the Phone - Just Say No!
site referenced in article 09/02/02

Mark Mathosian is the director of the Southwest Florida Region of the State Comptrollers Office which regulates the banking, finance and securities industries in Florida.

I would love to make your website my official source. I agree with the content of your information, and therefore think that it is a brilliant source for people to learn more about these scams.

Rian Visser
Johannesburg Commercial Branch 09/27/02
South Africa

Thanks for the great Web site! The Nebraska Bankers Association has produced a statement stuffer for our members that includes your Web site in our list of best resources about the Nigerian fraud.

Joni Sundquist
Director of Communications
Nebraska Bankers Association 10/05/02

Thank you for creating such a thorough and informative site.

Nick Taylor - Guardian Newspapers, UK 09/06/02

I am happy to link our Nigerian Scam story to your site.

Jon Taylor Producer
CyberCrime on TechTV 10/02

Love your website. Very informative and well organized.

Adrienne Tanner, Reporter
The Province (newspaper), Vancouver, B.C. 09/17/02

I enjoy your website, and occasionally get helpful tips from it for my work as an enforcement attorney at the CFTC. My personal view is that if more people read your website (or my agency's, for that matter!), we would have far fewer victims of financial scams, since you provide a vital public education function.

Susan B. Bovee, Associate Director
Division of Enforcement
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Washington, DC

I have honestly spent several days trying to come up with just the right words to express my thanks to you. Telling my story started out to be so I could warn others.

At some point, it wasn't about that anymore and it wasn't about the money. It was about feeling like it mattered to someone - anyone that this had happened.

Having my story on your site offered me "proof" that what happened to me was NOT okay.

That we do not live in a world where it's acceptable to lie and cheat and intimidate people.

What you do and what you have done for me is appreciated far more than you will ever know. If there is ever any way I can help you in your efforts, please let me know.

My very sincerest thanks

Patti Travis 10/25/02

You have a great site which is now in my "favorites". Keep up the good work.

Joan Charron
Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer
Montreal 10/26/02

I have written several books in the finance area on the topic of avoiding being a stupid investor. I like your website and would like to buy your book.

John Nofsinger, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Finance
Department of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate
College of Business and Economics
Washington State University 10/15/02

... Then Do It Yourself

I am the program chairman for an organization which was supposed to have, as its guest speaker, a police officer from the Crime Prevention Unit to talk to us about Scams and Fraud.

When I called to reconfirm, I was told that the Unit was "no longer" due to funding or something.

It was too late to find another speaker, so I got on the Internet to see what I could find, and low and behold, there was your fabulous website with everything imaginable! I made lots of notes and ended up doing the program myself.

I gave thirty other ladies your website address and I also purchased one of  your books, as I'm sure more of them will because they all have children and grandchildren who need to be aware.

Your site is easy to get into, to read, to browse, but most of all VERY informative. Thank you for your obvious hard work and concern for the consumer.

Nancy Bingman, Tucson, Arizona 04/03

I am a state law enforcement official working in the Consumer Protection Division of an Attorney General's office, trying to do as much as I can to stop scammers, prosecute them, and train people how to not become a victim in the first place.

Your website is a very valuable and much appreciated resource.

Thanks for your hard work, Les. Keep it up.

Trey Hanna - Missouri 07/18/03

May you win a Pulitzer!

"On the outside chance that you, too, have received such ( Nigerian scam ) solicitations, there's a comprehensive Web site available that explains how these cyber crimes work and how to report them to authorities almost anywhere in the world.

Canadian Les Henderson operates and also has written a book by the same name that details Internet schemes, scams and frauds.

It's amazing how many ways people have found to prey on others, but Henderson has done an incredible job of documenting scores of them."

Jill "J.R." Labbe is a Star-Telegram ( Texas ) senior editorial writer. 06/08/03

I am most impressed with the work you carry out.

Detective Sergeant Colin Holder
Metropolitan Police Fraud Squad
New Scotland Yard 09/08/03

In the world of sheep and wolves, you're one of the German Shepherds that protects the flock.

Bill Branscum -