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Angie's Models and Talent

To Whom It May Concern:

I haven't seen anything good or bad about Angie's Models in Canada. Do you know anything that could be helpful or are they like all the rest and just a scam?

I have "seen her in action" and she seemed very professional and genuine with her models but. . .

Any information would be appreciated.


Redacted Info

Angie's Models and Talent looks a lot like John Casablancas with MTM and John Robert Powers. JC offers modeling and etiquette classes; so does Angie's. JRP offers training in modeling and acting; so does Angie's.

Angie's run modeling schools or modeling classes ("workshops" and "programs") and they are closely tied in with the controversial, expensive modeling convention, IMTA.

John Casablancas and John Robert Powers are also very closely tied in to IMTA. They reportedly get commissions for every model they talk into paying US$5,000 for the convention.

In fact, according to the company website, the founder started the agency after starting an etiquette school and has received awards at IMTA.

However, this agency lists a significant number of and consistent success stories, even though all the tear sheets to prove them were not shown on their site.

Most agencies are simply agencies, not schools and agencies. Both grouped together is a conflict of interest. You must be careful and take a closer look. You need to do more investigating; ask more questions.

The significance of the clear and obvious conflict of interest is directly related to the amount of money they make off schools and training.

Their website at advertises: "Teen Fashion/Runway modeling workshops: a complete guide to becoming a professional model."

Runway is a common and overhyped part of modeling schools.

"The teen fashion workshops at Angie's Models was born out of a need to provide quality training to the individual at reasonable rates."

What are these "reasonable rates"? Free is a reasonable rate. Free is the industry standard. Most agencies train their models free.

"At our agency, students can acquire valuable skills that help increase self-confidence, poise, and a strong sense of personal presentation."

This pitch is no different from John Casablancas.

"While students are training, they have the opportunity to audition for shows, print, video productions, theatre and commercials/ film."

So you don't actually need to be trained.

"At Angie's Models we feel each teen girl is special. Within each of us is a sparkle and at Angie's, we try to enhance each of our model's personalities by helping them develop their inner self."

More of the confidence pitch for their 16-week program. How much does it cost?

"Angie's teen fashion workshops are designed to help the students realize their full potential. Our modeling workshops have much to offer and includes, among other things, fashion show choreography, runway modeling, make-up application, skin care, movement for the camera, as well as on camera auditioning techniques for TV commercials."

"We include in our workshops a free photo shoot with our professional photographer. Plus portfolio book & one print 8x12. Angie's will aid you during your photo shoot to insure the best possible looks for you. You will select on[e] picture from this shoot to be used on your head card."

Does the free photo shoot include the portfolio and prints? Free managed photo shoot is good.

"The workshops we offer at Angie's are limited to only a small number, as we prefer to give our students the individual attention they may not be able to get in a larger forum."

How many students?

"Once a student's training is successfully completed with Angie's, they may take part in our Model Showcase where they have the opportunity to be seen by international agents. Graduates are also guaranteed representation in our New Faces division, a division for up and coming models."

Translation: we get them to spend CDN $7,500 for a trip to a convention with a pathetic success rate because the models are not first screened by international agents? Are they talking about IMTA?

Model Showcase is a euphemism for modeling convention. Professional, competent, and responsible (mother) agents do not need conventions which gouge models to place models.

"At the end of the workshops we hold "A Night At The Oscars". Featuring all our models & talent. It is a fashion show theatrically choreographed by our models. Numerous awards and trophies are given to our models, recognizing them for their special achievements. Over 300 guests and VIP’s attend it."

You need to find out more pricing information and shop around.

Finally, consider this quote from a good WP article:

The fact is, when top agencies see a girl they think has a real chance to make it (and generate huge fees down the road), they are willing to pay for runway lessons, housing, transportation, pictures, you name it.
"If [a girl] comes off the street into Elite and we think she has potential, she doesn't need to pay for classes," says Monique Pillard, director of New York's powerhouse Elite Models, which represents Linda Evangelista, Shalom Harlow, Amber Valletta and Trish Goff, among others.
"Somewhere down the line, she may take runway classes, which she doesn't pay for," Pillard says. "We absolutely bear the burden. If a girl has talent and potential to become a model, of course, we help.
"It's a scam of [the model] paying $1,000 or $2,000," she says. "That's [expletive]."

("The Improbable Dream," Robin Givhan, Washington Post, 12/96)