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National Discovery Network, Inc. (

July 28, 2004

[Last Updated: August 09, 2004 ]

1425 Broad Street

Information about this company is still being developed after several recent inquiries. Please send any info or experience you can share.

The company was contacted on July 28, 2004, and asked their success rate and price. They did not provide the answers to these questions; consumers are advised to ask them for the answers in writing and proof before payment:

1. Do you have an agency license?
2. What are your prices?
3. What is your success rate?

There is an unconfirmed report the National Discovery Network price is $180.00 for pictures and $700.00 for the competition.1 If you add extra travel expenses, you may be looking at more than $1,000, calling for careful research and due diligence.

One consumer who inquired about this company was under the impression National Discovery Network, Inc., is a modeling agency. In the state of Pennsylvania, where National Discovery Network is based, modeling agencies are considered employment agencies and must be licensed by the Department of Labor. Furthermore, agencies cannot charge advance fees:

"No employment agent shall charge a registration fee. Any person who
violates any provision of this section is guilty of a summary offense and,
upon conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than
one hundred ($100) dollars nor more than five hundred ($500) dollars, or, in
default of payment, shall undergo imprisonment for a period of not more than
thirty (30) days."

Consumers under the impression National Discovery Network is a modeling agency are therefore advised to contact the Dept. of Labor to find out if they have a license:

Linda at (717) 787-4134

Department of Labor and Industry
Private Employment Department
Room 1623
7th and Forstrer Street
Harrisburg PA 17120

Of concern is the complete lack of information either in their printed materials or on their website of their success rate. If NDN is nothing more than a model search and modeling convention, and not an agency, it probably has a very low success rate (1-10% is typical).

Since there is very little work available for kids, compared to teens and adults, parents are advised to learn more about modeling conventions (where agents meet prospects) in general and the success rate of NDN in particular to make an informed decision and justify the price.

Parents should also be aware that there is a conflict of interest at the heart of the NDN business model, the same way there is a conflict of interest with all model searches for modeling conventions.

Finally, it must be noted that licensed modeling agencies conduct their own model searches. They do not need independent model searches. Nor do they advise parents to go to model searches when they can go directly to them. Model agents are qualified to say who is model material because they book children and are familiar with client demands.

Call up the licensed talent agencies in your area or visit them in person.

See also Modeling Tips for Modeling Conventions

1. VoyForums: Pro-Kids Models & Talents Casting & Advice Board
... We hooked up with The National Discovery Network, who took 180.00 worth of pictures
and sent us to Myrtle Beach for a 700.00 weekend of runway walking and 2 ... - 86k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

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