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Schemes, scams, frauds.

O'Brien/Rottman Talent Consultants, Inc.
aka O'Brien/Rottman Studios
aka O'Brien Rottman Talent Placement

P. O'Brien and Eric P. Rottman

BBB Record

O'Brien Rottman Talent Consultants, Inc. This Report was developed from
various sources, including the business, governmental agencies, and the
experience of the company's customers.

O'Brien Rottman Talent Consultants, Inc.
1223 Wilshire Blvd. PMB # 813
Santa Monica CA 90403-5400

Business Started: 01/01/89
File Open Date: 04/13/94
Last Report Date: 12/12/02
Principal Contact: Pat O'Brien

Phone: (310) 777-5478
Fax: (310) 777-5479
Email: Not Available
Web Address: Not Available

Bureau ID: 85001965

Nature of Business
This company's business is talent and modeling management services,
workshops and photographs.

Bureau File Experience

Our files show disconnected phone numbers, returned mail or
both. The company appears to be out of business. The Bureau cannot trace
addresses of companies or principals. General information is available upon
request which may assist you.

We rate this company as having an unsatisfactory business
performance record.

Complaints allege misrepresentation of services. Clients did not
find work in the industry as promised. The company responded to most
complaints by offering explanations, or pointing out specific contract
clauses which state the company does not guarantee or provide employment. A
few complaints remain unanswered.

According to talent agents, portfolios are developed over the
course of a persons career. Therefore, novices do not need expensive
portfolios. We routinely suggest you read and understand all contract
provisions, including cancellation and refund policies before making a
buying decision. Keep in mind there are probably no guarantees of employment
provided in your contract. Your success in the industry will depend on your
own talent, perseverance, and ability to utilize your resources.

The Better Business Bureau does not endorse, recommend or
disapprove of any company, product or service.

Additional Phone Numbers
(800) 266 - 9300 (800) 487 - 9688 (310) 777 - 2605
(213) 456 - 2783 (310) 777 - 2683

Additional Trade names
There are no additional trade names for this company on file.

Additional Addresses
9255 Sunset Blvd. Suite 1000
West Hollywood, CA 90069

9255 Sunset Blvd. Suite 614
West Hollywood, CA 90069


Consumer Complaint

Complaint of the Day Archive (Past Days)

Complaints of the Day e-Message # 3 for May 7, 2001

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Topic: acting lessons
Conf: Entertainment, General
Date: Sunday, May 06, 2001 07:48 PM

Dear Business: a consumer posted the following e-message at the former

Please respond directly to the consumer, using the consumer's name and
e-mail address (as per the From: field above).

You can no longer respond publicly on the site.

The O'Brien/Rottman Studios have locations in San Francisco, West Hollywood,
Dallas, and Phoenix. My son signed a contract at the San Francisco location
for lessons, head shot photo shoot, showcases. These were completed, but
there was to be an ongoing relationship of helping him and consultation with
a talent scout who chose to work with him. A few months ago, I went to the
location in Union Square in the Tiffany Building. O'Brien/Rottman left the
building without warning.

There is no longer a web site and the phones are dead. An employee of
Tiffanys spoke with me and said he noticed there were no more showcases or
people lining up for these or any activity at all. So why leave without
warning? They seemed to be very busy with plenty of business during our many
visits and I know we aren't alone in wondering what the heck happened. I do
realize we maybe one of the fortunate ones who at least got most of what we
paid for.

But there was supposed to be an ongoing relationship of consultation, and
any earnings were to be sent to the talent scout who would keep 10% and
forward the rest to my son. Fortuneately this hadn't happened thus far. Is
this a federal income tax issue? What? I have tried to phone the better
business bureau and other agencies, but I can never get through. I am not
making long distance phone calls to the other locations. Anyone else know


Excerpt from Backstage Magazine

Elliott spoke with BSW during SAG's commercial contract strike in 2000, defending his practice of sending non-union actors on auditions during the strike. He explained that he had recently chosen to become an agent, having "left some very corrupt companies behind," and mentioned that he had previously worked for the controversial talent "placement" company O'Brien Rottman.


Excerpt from Blog

6/07/01: Yesterday, I flip-flopped out to my old broiling oversized teflon
and titanium reinforced Master Thespian mailbox that is swivel-fastened atop
a two inch diameter heavy wall pipe pounded four feet into the caliche clay
of the Sonoran Desert and finally firmly secured with ten kilos of quick
setting concrete, and removed a medium well-done mailer from Phoenix based
YoungArtists Talent Consultants addressed to "The Parents of . . ." I felt a
moment of deja vu before I realized that, months ago, the phone number I
dialed that was listed as the now defunct O'Brien/Rottman Talent Placement
was "no longer in service" and requested callers to dial a 602-241-9282
number. Said number, that upon dialing, was cheerfully answered with a
"Young Artists Talent Consultants." My gut feeling is to advise parents and
children not to schedule an appointment for the upcoming YoungArtists
'cattle-call' auditions this Sunday, June 10th, 2001. I say this because 1)
Their current phone number was referenced from the former O'Brien/Rottman
phone number, 2) Their mailing was received only four days before the
audition forcing quick action by ignorant 'hopefuls', 3) They carefully and
clearly label themselves as a "Talent Consultant" rather than an "Agency",
which would fall under SAG franchise rules, or "Talent Management", which
would come under Arizona state law, 4) They are apparently using the old
mailing list of O'Brien/Rottman because even my son's name is misspelled the
same way and 5) Unlike a legitimate "Talent Agency" I can damn-guarantee you
that they will be asking for thousands of dollars from the lucky - and I
quote: ". . . 8 to 12% of the auditioning talent" they select!


Consumer Question

I want to be an actress. Every time I see a movie I almost cry because I wish that I had been the one playing that part. I will walk to hollywood to be an acctess i would do anything!! When I saw Jurassic Park, and movies like it, I told my brother, "I could do that." So, he said, "Well, do it. I have been looking for infromation on the Harry Potter movie. I want to know if O'Brien Rottman Agency is a legetimate talent agency they want $2000 to join them.


O'Brien/Rottman Scammed & Scrammed

O'Brien/Rottman Talent Vanishes !

The other day as your Master Thespian was cruising Central Avenue
north of Thomas, I noticed the offices of O'Brien/Rottman Talent Placement
were empty. (For those of you who've been in Phoenix awhile, they were in
the original home of the Phoenix Suns about 200 yards north of Thomas on the
west side of Central Avenue.)
This business, which to the innocent parents whose wallets were
harvested appeared to be a way for fresh-faced child actors to get into the
commercial/television/movie market. In order to bypass our state laws
regarding talent agencies, O'Brien/Rottman billed itself as a 'Talent
Placement' company. O'Brien/Rottman would then for $2,700, yes two thousand
seven hundred dollars!, schedule head shots, acting training and arrange for
the child actor to obtain an agent. I know these facts, because my child was
approached, video taped and offered a contract, which I then wisely

Today I phoned the O'Brien/Rottman Phoenix phone number "602-240-5478"
and a Qwest recording suggested dialing "602-241-9282." I dialed said number
and was greeted by a female voice announcing "Young Artists." She claimed to
posses no knowledge of O'Brien/Rottman! I also checked the web address of
O'Brien/Rottman and it had vanished.

If you believe you've been fooled by these individuals, swallow your
pride, gather your records together and phone the Arizona Attorney General's
Criminal Division at 602-542-3881.

(posted 12/19/00)