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419 Buster Network Assists in Arresting Nigerian Check Scam Accomplices

10/15/08- Hugo Anthony Carnucci was arrested today by the Charles County Sherriff's Dept. at 8:57 EST in Waldorf, Maryland.

Four (4) squad car loads of counterfeit cashier's checks, money orders, records, shipping envelopes and labels, computers, drives, cellphones and other items were confiscated and are being held for evidence.

For months now, Sniper Team - Fowler, led by Mark Warner, continuously followed procedures, monitored all known mules in this case and was responsible for the interceptions of hundreds of counterfeits destined for victims. Such concrete work also enabled the acquisition of law enforcement cooperation leading to Carnucci's subsequent arrest.

Two additional mules for this case have been identified and arrests for these are imminent. All known mule activities for the Nigerian Oga "Fowler" have been virtually eliminated.

11/18/08 - Jeremiah Spencer was arrested today by the Tillamook County Sherriff's Dept. in Nehalem, Oregon. This sets a new arrest speed record of ONE DAY!

Spencer went to the post office today to pick up a package from Benin. He signed for the package and then when he left the post office the Sheriff was waiting for him and asked him to open the package.

The package contained 300 - 500 counterfeit checks and Spencer said he was getting paid $400 a week.

Tillamook County Sheriff's Department has taken this to the United States Postal Inspection Service so that federal prosecution will be acquired.

This is the second arrest for Sniper Team - Fowler that follows the arrest of Carnucci on October 15.

Just another excellent example of teamwork, focused activities and following the plan.

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