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419 Scams

Nigerians arrested for likely involvement with 419 scams.

01/06 - Two Nigerian men are facing criminal charges after an off-duty police officer noticed them going in and out of several Moncton banks.

The officer arrested the two men on Friday and they spent the weekend in police custody. They were charged in Moncton court Monday afternoon.

Ibrahim Oyebode is charged with uttering a forged document. He was released on a $2,000 bond and must stay at his present address in Lachine, Quebec.

Rafael Agboola faces a charge of resisting arrest, and was released until his next court appearance. Codiac RCMP spokesman Reg Robichaud says the men were cashing stolen cheques.

He doesn't know whether the men are legally in Canada. "The investigation from [the Department of Citizenship and Immigration] will kick in as soon as we can get them to court this afternoon."

Robichaud says the two men were living in Ontario. The cheques, credit cards and indentification cards were stolen in Montreal.

He says it's possible the men were just passing through Moncton, and happened to need some quick cash. "They have an acquaintance in Moncton, someone they know who is not involved in this. We don't know if they were going to visit him and were doing this along the way."

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