Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Use of the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN in Nigerian Email Banking Scams

Note: Click images to enlarge documentation used by Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Syndicates

Foreign Operations Department
Central Bank of Nigeria
Fund Remittance Voucher
Key Tested Telex ( KTT ) Unit

Central Bank of Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria
International Remittance Department, Approval Order,
Foreign Exchange Division, Idris Mamman,
A.A. Basil, Task Force on Immediate Pay

International Remittance Department, Foreign Exchange Department
Final Notification of Transfer, Fund Release Order approved by Federal Ministry of Aviation, Federal Ministry of Finance, Dr. R. M. Rasheed, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria

Format of Power of Attorney Form for Central Bank of Nigeria lawyer to sign Fund Release Documents.

William T. Lewis, Bar. Briggs Nwosu, Dr. Rasheed Bello,
Central Bank of Nigeria, Office of the Deputy-Governor
Tinubu Square, Lagos, Nigeria
Project Development and Investment Agreement

Word Documents from the Central Bank Governor Doc1 / Doc2  
Central Bank of Nigeria Certificate of Deposit, David Diego Lowen, Elite Construction Company, Abraham Truman, Nicholas Harry Central Bank of Nigeria

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