Crimes of Persuasion

Schemes, scams, frauds.

Daughters of Deposed Leaders Used in Nigerian 419 Fraud Internet Scam Letters

Dear Ebrahim  


I humbly wish to solicit for your assistance in this business that will be of mutual benefit to you an I. I am Zainab Abacha, the daughter of the Late Nigerian Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed  Forces, General Sani Abacha; 1993-1998.

I have within my reach funds-in-cash totaling USD72.5M (Seventy Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States  Dollars)  which I deposited with a Private Security Company in Africa with an anonymous name.

Considering my traveling restrictions and my late father of beloved memory's political status, I now I cannot lay claim to this money unless I transfer it out from Africa. I will require your assistance and sincerity as in presenting you as the sole beneficiary of this funds so that this batch of funds-in-cash will be paid into your account / country.

Upon a positive response from you, I will let you know how to receive this money  without any problem. Note also that the incumbent Government of Nigeria is not aware that I am in possession of this particular batch of funds-in-cash.

Your commission will be down payment of 20% of the total sum if you assist me move this funds-in-cash  from Africa.  I expect your urgent response via my e-mail address.

NB: Kindly include your Phone and Fax numbers.

Best regards,  

Zainab Abacha

My name is Zainab Abacha the Daughter of the Late former president of Nigeria (Late. Gen. Sanni Abacha)... my brother Mohammed is in prison and our mother Maryam is under house arrest... private vault in a Security Company in Dubai

Sent in from Belgium by Emmanuel de Poorter 03/13/02

... I am Miss Folade Musa, first daughter of detained Chief of Military Tactics with the Government of Senegal... me and my two younger brothers aged 13 & 15... help me clear this box from Diplomatic Courier Services ( the company I intend to use )...

... invite you to inspect the funds before they are moved to Europe or send you pictures...

Folade Musa" <folademusa1\\>

Sent in buy Emmanuel de Poorter 04/05/02

A Rat on the Chat

02/04 - I ( John Wynn ) was on Yahoo Chat talking to my friends when a young girl instant messaged me asking for help. So, I talked to her she told us her name was Princess Iheoma Eze and asked me for my e-mail address.

I thought she was okay so I give her my yahoo one and she sent me this:

I am Princess  IHEOMA EZE daughter of Chief Dike EZE, the king of Ogoni Kingdom. I am 25 Years old and a graduate of Mass Communication.

My Father was the king of Ogoni Kingdom the highest oil Producing area in Nigeria. He was in charge of Receiving Royalties from the Multi-national oil Companies and government on behalf of the oil Producing communities in Nigeria.

After the hanging of The Ogoni Nine (9) including Ken Saro Wiwa by the late Dictator General Sani Abacha, my father suffered Stroke and eventually he died November 15th last year.

But before his death, he called me secretly and told me in confidence that he has the sum of Twenty Three Million Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars(USD23,560,000.00) cash in his Possession, and that this Money is Specially deposited in a Security company here.

He advised me not to tell anybody except my mother who is the last wife of the (8) eight wives that he married. My mother did not bear any male child for him. Which implies that in all my fathers' properties, companies' e.t.c, we have no share in them because my mother has No Male child according to African Tradition.

My father therefore secretly gave me all the relevant Documents regarding the said money deposited in the Security Company, and told me that I should Use this money with my mother and my younger sisters Because he knows that traditionally, if he dies we Cannot get anything, as inheritance.

He importantly Advised me that I should seek foreign assistance and that I should not invest this money here in Nigeria Because of his other wives and male children who happen to be my elders.

Hence, I am soliciting for your immediate assistance to enable us MOVE this money from the Security company here to you if you can promise to be Reliable and Trustworthy.

Then once the money gets to your hands, you will first procure a Bungalow for us wherein we Will live with my mother and two younger sisters and Further advise me where and how I will invest the balance money overseas, possibly on products of your Company and other profitable ventures.

I believe that by the special grace of God, you will help us move this money out of Nigeria to any country of your Choice where we can invest this money judiciously with you. You are entitled to a reasonable part of this Money based on our agreement, and God will bless you as you help us.

My Mother and I suggests to give you 25% of the total sum as your compensation for your expected earnest help. If you agree with us, send your full name, address and your telephone number to me via email so that I can raise application in your favour to the Security Firm for the claims of the Consignment/Funds.

This business is Riskfree and everything shall be concluded within five days of receiving the needed information from you.

Please reply through my e-mail Looking Forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

Best regard, IHEOMA EZE

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